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Low Testosterone at 23

Hi there. I’m a 23 year old Male.

Age 23
Height. 180cm
Weight 120kg
Body mass. 40% ( roughly )
Sleep. Averge of 7 hours.

Train in the mornings. Work normal hours Monday to Friday 9-5 .

I have been weight training for 3 years and a bit butoo in the past 7 months I have noticed I’m missing that edge in the gym. Lost that pump.

I do have a nutritionist who is a great guy and really been a big help with my food and timing and ect.

I train 4 days a week.

I recently went to my G(NHS)
AND Got my blood tests including my testosterone levels.
I.got.the results and my level is 212

Which explains why I feel so low. I’m happy go lucky guy but since I got these results I feel awful and the doctor just advicesed me to eat healthy which I already do .

It’s a shame about my testosterone because I’m so passionate about bodybuilding and power lifting but In the past 7 months I have lost that edge and that strong side me off.

I am also starting to gain a lot of fat round the chest and abdominal area even though I do intense cardio 4 times a week with a good diet.

I have been considering on starting steroids for a long time but now I’m serious and I’m.thinking of test Sus 250 with anavar. Or a anavar alone cycle but I heard anavar by itself will not give me many results.

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If you have a T level of 212 and the doctor told you to eat healthy, you need a new doctor.

You shouldn’t have to resort to steroids, you have a treatable condition.

Start reading the stickies and look for a new doc.

We have a lot of guys your age that come here.
At this age, low-T is the symptom and not the disease.

You must have these labs to try to find the cause or know the nature of the problem. Testes or pituitary.

fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

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Thank you for your reply. This low testosterone is really getting me down. It’s even effecting my libido the longer this goes on. I don’t want to resort to steroids but if my doctor doesn’t want to help I don’t see any other way.
I will hopefully have an appointment later today and I hope they are more helpful this time.

P.s Low testosterone sucks!

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We all know what you feel, I have always been drug free and very health conscious, that includes anti-steroids as well. My feeling so down with lack of sex drive and any benefit from training so well for 5 years even led me to actually think about using them. As I found a good doctor and diagnosis, who recognised my problem as a medical conditon and willing to treat me like I should, there’s no need to for you to being down the path. My diagnostic was more difficult as my blood work was skewed due to clomid usage, yours is straight forward and does not take a genius to see that you have Low T and needs treatment.

Having said that, you are very overweight and may be obese which lowers T levels a lot, you want to make sure at your age that this is a permanent problem and not a state induced by your weight and lifestyle. In the Long run, you will regret being on treatment for life if it could be sorted out by you losing weight and lifting. Steroids at that level of body fat is going to be disastrous as well.

No matter how Low your T is, you simply cannot be weighing 120 kg with 40% body fat and be a very indulgent lifter. This is not to demean you but it is what it is. I was 120 kg and had Low T all the while I dropped down to 65kgs and I can keep it off. The main trouble I have with my body is that I can’t get below 13-12% no matter how I try. I also get a feeling that you are rushing into it for potential body changing benefits. I should remind you that it will only get You at a level normal people of our age are. Not be a magic bullet to get you down to a healthy weight, at 23 you should be able to do that even with Low T with a good exercise and diet regime.

How’s your sex drive? Are you lacking energy? Mood swings? Feeling down?

I really appreciate your honest reply and sharing your experience with me , it means a lot that I’m not the only going though this or have been though this.

I do suffer from mood swings and I become very anxious easily. My sex drive is still active but over the last year I can feel it decrease… I’ve always been a big bloke but I wouldn’t class myself as fat (sometimes)
I was going to proceed with taking Anavar or even Clen but like I said before they are a last resort.

Feel like a broken man. I hope this gets sorted eventually.

The PEDs won’t do anything for your condition. Clenbuterol is an asthma drug. Atleast you have still a sex drive and you should be optimistic and patient for that. Your body changing in the gym has a lot of factors involved and not only T. Thyroid is important as well, diet, rest, sleep and progressive overload is key. I would advise to lose some weight and not feel disheartened over a lab number. You would thank yourself if you could recover with losing weight.

Nobody likes to consider themselves fat, i am an anomaly maybe. But as i said 120kg and 40% bf is obese by even clinical standards and obesity is the prime reason and sometimes cause of hypogonadism. But causation occurs when this decline happens in inactive people. You should be designing your training to shred weight really. Then you see where you wound up. Get a better panel to determine if the problem is obesity related, testes related or the pituitary related and seek treatment.

It could be worse, you could be like me, i feel like sex once a month when my girlfriend is insisting, so that makes me more desperate. I am also in decent shape and do not have lifestyle issues at 25 to be low. You have some leeway to be patient and eliminate possibly correctable causes and then see if you require treatment as it’s for life and handled my a medical community not very well trained to deal with.

I have started to focus on cardio in the mornings and only focusing on my big combo lifts like dead lifting, squats, bench and military press. But yes I do agree with that I do have to lose weight it’s something that has been in the back of mind for sometime.

Hopefully lowering my BF Will help with my low testosterone.

I have taken on board what you have said and it has given me a lot to think about.

I hope you have some luck yourself in the future.

Hi, Basically you have stressed your pituitary too hard. You need to quite Gym forever. Permanently stop lifting weights and all kinds of cardio. Most importantly take rest as well. I have done 9 years gym and i am telling you, ‘Bodybuilding doesn’t matter, all you need is confidence’. Most importantly health is wealth. To drop fat, just eat 3 times a day like any other normal slim guy, then you will be 100 percent fit.

Low testosterone means, loss of energy. You have to restore your health by taking good rest and stopping gym.

In your case you, bad hormones or else cortisol level have increased more than usual, you also might feel sweaty hands, and loss of sex drive, and unstable mood.

Things to avoid, Weights and noisy songs, and especially cardio which is the highest form of stress level activity.

And be aware that over training can lead to serious problems, and low testosterone or loss of sex drive can mean that your pituitary is having some problems like benign tumor or else.

Be very careful and do things in a very human way. Stop Gym Forever Good luck.

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Must be sarcasm lol, but some of his points are correct - you can overtrain