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Low Testosterone at 23, Doc Says It's All in My Head


You didn’t ask me, but do it right, if at all possible.


My question now is self medicate now or get bloods and try to get a doctor to do it?
I just wanna make sure before I mess anything up even tho it already is messed up


You’ve obtained (illegally/black market) pharmaceutical drugs and have been self medicating for months and you’re confused why the doctor thinks you’re an addict? Now you’re asking him to prescribe you a schedule III controlled substance? Props to the doc.


…Which is why I am here asking what to do at 260ngdl


Plus what’s the difference if I do it myself compared to the dr


This is a joke right?

Good luck, hope you find something that works for you.


Ok so can you advise me rather than just criticize me? I’m only 23 and confused on what to do… ppl are saying get on trt drs are saying not to…


This poor young man has gone to doctors for help and they’re telling him it’s all in his head, his testosterone is 270 and they call him an addict. Let’s cut him some slack, but I will agree black market testosterone is a very bad idea because you don’t know what’s in it, there could be cat piss in it for all you know.

Ron you need to understand that the majority of doctors do not know how to properly diagnose a guy with hormone deficiencies, very few doctors even know what tests to run. You should be very skeptical of doctors when it pertains to male hormone deficiencies.

You need to do a little research and educate yourself so that you can vet your doctors, a few hours of reading and you know more than they do. I’ve been through so many doctors that just do not know how to balance my hormones, they prescribe me testosterone and offer me no assistance.

I got tired of it all and decided to go private to a well-known clinic with a good reputation, the chances of you finding an insurance base talk to that knows how the trt game is played is incredibly low.

My best advice is check out if I Defy Medical, they won’t blame you for trying to feel normal again as a matter of fact I’ll help you do it.


I am 35 and had the same problem in Australia a level of 303 ng/ml is considered normal. I also suffered from depression and my anxiety was through the roof, they wanted to put me on anti depressants but that would have just lowered my testosterone even more.

I ended up moving overseas to live and luckily where i am now I can get test e injections. 7 weeks in and the depression and anxiety have both completely gone and I am now enjoying life again, don’t give up and try seeing a different doctor.