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Low Testosterone at 23 and It's Gotten Lower


Okay this is my second post regarding my low testosterone. Level 215. At the age of 23. I have been to my GP (NHS) Several times now and they dont seem like they want to help despite me helping self and taking on board what they have to say . Eating healthy. Exercise. And weight training but nothing is helping. My libido is out the window, I have no interest in sex and struggle to get a hard one.
Iv decided to start HRT OR even a AAS Cycle but before I do that I would appreciate your experiences and thoughts on the issue.
What would be an idea cycle?

(Yes I have done my research)


Post your bloodwork and start reading the stickies.


Will phone surgery ton get full results. Ano stickies? Will have a look if I.can find them.


Do not try to self administer or start a cycle. When its done, you will be in worse shape than before and you can’t run cycle levels of T indefinitely. Try a low T clinic instead of a GP.


It’s the first post in the t-replacement forum.