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Low Testosterone at 22 Years Old


Hello guys, i really need help, my doctor is kinda retarded and a buncha doctors that i called dont accept my insurance which is really irritating. i recently got blood work done to see what my testosterone levels were and they came back as 195 ng/dl. i know that this is extremely low, especially for a 22 year old. the thing is i mean i had no symptoms, i got the test done because i wanted to start a anabolic steroid cycle. so i wanted blood work from before, during, and after.

ive never used AAS before and the cycle i was planning would have been my first, how ever now that i found out i have low test to begin with, obviously i need to address this problem before even thinkin about a AAS cycle. someone please help me with what my options are.

i have no trouble gettin and erection and i put on muscle fairly fast and ive been working out on and off for about 5 years. i have a muscular build and i mean i dont have any symptoms of having low test, but now that i found out my levels are low im extremely depressed.

height= 6'1
weight= 181
Waist= 33

im located in New York


Top doctors to see in NYC and Long Island for hypogonadism here. All are urologists with fellowships in ANDROLOGY.

Brett Mellinger (my doc-Garden City and Plainview)
Natan Bar Chama (Manhattan)
Bruce Gilbert (Great Neck. DOESN'T take insurance.)
Harris Nagler (Manhattan)

Your level is very low and I was your age when I saw my doc for the first time. He doesn't like seeing anyone udnder 300.

Email me directly (I don't do PMs here) with the address I have in my hub or contact me on Facebook for more information. There are now three board members who see or will be seeing my doc. He has fixed up everyone I've sent to him.


you need more blood work to determine what is going on with your body before you start anything.

It could be as simple as a bad test result or maybe a cortisol or thyroid issue that is driving your Total T down.

check out the blood test sticky (and the rest of the stickies) before you do anything.


By the way, if you were to see any of those docs and you actually did have hypogonadism, and started using AAS, they would never deal with you again!


These guys know how to figure that out for him.


No symptoms and no sexual problems. The simplest answer is a lab error.

Were you depressed before or only after the labs?
Other mood changes?

Do you have little body and facial hair or ?

Used pro-hormones or other things like that?

Recent blow to head or whiplash? Reduced peripheral vision?


im not all that hairy but i do have facial hair but not a full face of hair, i was only depressed after, i thought i would be in the 650 range. never used pro hormones, was only thinking about doing a steroid cycle so thats why i got the test done.


Have the doctor check FSH and LH values. If they are low or low normal, you MIGHT have secondary hypogonadism (I'm not a doctor).

If they are abnormally high, you MIGHT have primary hypogonadism.

It's possible, like in MY case and many others, to have secondary hypogonadism with no known cause (idiopathic hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism [IHH]).


I would absolutely retest. It's more likely than not to be a correct reading, but absolutely retest.


There are errors. I once got a 3,000(!) reading on 7.5 grams.


i got another blood test today, will get the results nex week.


I have seen a few guys who are doing very well with low T levels. They simply have different genetics. Just like Brick.