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Low Testosterone at 21 Years Old



Welcome Joshua. Hopefully @KSman can chime in when he has some time. You’re right in saying that things look normal but normal doesn’t mean crap.

A few things I notice is that your LH, E2 (estradiol), free t3 and free t4 are not posted. Your TSH should be closer to 1.00.

I already know that KsMan is going to ask you to take you oral body temperatures. Go get a oral thermometer and take your temperature as soon as you wake up, mid day and afternoon. Those temps will help us help you.

You definitely need to know your E2. Your E2 might be elevated and bringing it down will help increase your total Testosterone. Getting your thyroid functioning properly could also help bring up your total Testosterone.

The doctor didnt schedule those…The hormones listed on the first thread are all the ones Ive tested.