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Low Testosterone at 20?


*Hi Guys, This is my first post but been reading around alot.
Age: 20
Weight: 79 kg
length: 182 cm
Facial hair: pretty much nothing, shave maybe 1 time/week (if that)

I have under some time feared low T beacuse of some symptoms i've been having.

  • tierd all the time usually sleep 12 hours if i don't have to go up after 8, if i do i feel weak all day.
  • my recovery is really slow according to me.
  • zero sex drive
  • social withdrawal ( been that since i was around 15-16)
  • Never morning wood, IF i don't have to pee
  • hard to build muscles, just put on fat for the most. ( eating 3000 kacl off workout 3500 kacl/day on workout)

Test 1:

I tried to take :
* Complete Blood Count (CBC)
* Free Testosterone
* Bioavailable testosterone
* Total Testosterone
* Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA)
* Estradiol
* Homocysteine
* C-reactive protein
+ Total T4
+ Free T4
+ Total T3
+ Free T3
+ Reverse T3
+ Thyroglobulin Antibodies
+ Thyroid Peroxidase
+ Cortisol
+ LH
+ DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)
+ IGF-1 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor)
+ Prolactin
+ Progesterone
+ Pregnenolone
+ Vitamin D, 25-OH Total
+ Vitamin D, 25-OH D3
+ Ferritin
+ Iron, Total Binding Capacity
+ Iron, Binding Capacity
+ Magnesium, RBC

but he refused to take this test and told me that it was all in my brain and advised me to go to a shrink.


You are right in your request for labs. I think it would be a good time to see a different doctor.

Your lab ranges aren't very familiar to me, but they would not indicate to me an issue with your thyroid. There is no data indicative of adrenal function. Can you get FSH data and lab range for testosterone? LH is mid-range, but FSH is a better indicator of gonadal status.

Educate yourself the best you can. Read through the "sticky posts" at the top of forum. There is a lot of good information there.


I've been google around to try to find another doctor but i have no idea what kind of doctor to look at. been reading "get a Trt doctor" sticky and alot of other posts. But i have no luck finding them here in swerden.

Any Suggestions ?


so i don't know if i got low Test to start with, my doctor says that 10 nmol/l was normal for my age. And wont get any help if i am not under that.

what kind of doctor should i seek for help?

Anyone help please!


Docs are fucking nuts. I've been told to go to a shrink 4 times before they discovered I have low T for my age and possibly a pituitary tumor.

Keep going to the doc til you get it figured out


Read the finding a trt doctor sticky!!

But this may not be your answer!!

Ya know what the problem is with doctors, they say it's all in your head but don't understand the logic behind what they are saying!!


Pour immune function comes from stress of all different kinds

What are you eating?

Have you ever considered a homeopath or ND? Find one who uses biomeridian testing and is familiar with hormones and diseases..
You need to feed your body all the health you can! You have to find a way to illuminate stress, the easiest way to do this is to stay away from blood sucking stressful people and learn to be more positive and look at things from a winning point of view!!

Hippnosis worked wonders for me!! Sometimes all you need is to learn how to deal with problems which could be as easy as talking about them.. Try and surround yourself with positive people!!

Do you have any joint pain?

Ringing in the ear?

Crawling under the skin?

Muscle spasms? Twitchs?


I did read the sticky, i couldn't find a Anti-aging doctor, but i found a number to an endocrinologist and will call tomorrow.

Well the problem is, i don't spend that much time with people. i am kinda isolated. The time i spend at friends are at the gym for 1-2 hours and work,(bartender) so just Friday Saturday. So i wouldn't say that i am stresses.
I am rarely sick so i guess my immune functions work as it should. (only cough and nasal congestion from time to time)

My diet :Right now 3500 kcal P260G C443G F79G

I have no idea what hormeopath or ND is . sorry!

Do you have any joint pain? time to time, had a ot in my wrists before, shoulders right now

Ringing in the ear? When i am going to sleep i have ringing in my ears, just thought it was tinnitus

Crawling under the skin? No

Muscle spasms? Twitchs? twitchs - legs and arms from time to time

Can't really remember if I've ever been really horny, never have had a good sex life. can take 3-6 month before i wanna have sex after I been having sex, and i wanna get them away right away haha... Jerking off, maybe 1-2 time week if even that... Can't remember the last time i had morning Wood, For being horny and not need to pee.

as long as i remember I've always have a hard time in school to study, learn and remembering

Been tierd, weak in my body since i was 15-16 ( never thought at it as a problem, thought everyone was)

Getting tierd of building muscle like a someone who workout 1's a month , i mean I've been training on and off for 4 years At the gym, (first year i didn't work out at the summer and been at holidays but shouldn't effect that much ) At the gym, also been playing Soccer From age 8 to 17.

But i don't understand really my 'SHBG seems normal `?
and according to my doctor 10-and up nmol/l Testosterone is normal for someone my age, and i got 17 ?


The best answer for this testosterone-level are search for a gf. Than you have no probs anymore. Thi is a doctors meaning. An other theory is looking for ADHD-PI. The symptoms are the same but will be treated different.
I have the problems, too. But 12 nmol/l is in range there is no trt needed. One suggestion is let control just LH/FSH 2 times, is there a anormality than you have the solution for your lack of t.


I am EXACTLY like you, and a SAME test level. SAME symptoms. the lack of gains, libido, energy, concentration, etc.

tried mucuna pruriens. it helped me a chit load for all my symptoms but i stopped it for dumb reason.

then tried trt for 9 month. worked a little at first but stopped working ended up feeling worse. now mucuna pruriens doesnt work anymore. nothing work anymore since i tried trt, i feel 2 times work than i felt pre trt.

i regret taking it. now i take concerta it help a little bit.

so yeah, try everything before jumping on shut thing at our young age they must be another underlying problems.

SRS. try mucuna pruriens 2x day and tell me how you feel. ginseng can help too.