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Low Testosterone at 19?

Hello Everyone! I’m Damian, I think I have low testosterone at 19. I’ve been monitoring my emotions and feelings lately. I did notice that I get irritated by people and especially girls. I tend to withdraw myself from any social interactions. I do strength train but I don’t understand why I have low testosterone? ?? It’s weird because I thought strength training can boost your T and I also train for about 45 mins to 1 her so I know my test shouldn’t decline after my workout. Can anyone with scientific knowledge help me? If I have to go on trt I won’t mind. Thank you

Note* I do drink 20-45g of protein to replenish my muscles so I don’t feel lethargic afterwards

Have you had it tested, could be something else tell doctor concerns of test level. They frown on testosterone but hand you zombie pills and painkillers with little though.

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Why would they do that?

They will probably consider you depressed and give you some happy pills, ssri’s. Which can cause sex dysfunction. They have to give the insurance companies reason to pay for test Especially at your age me i had gyno when i was 15 so i got Tested it was mearly Puberty onset gyno. They will be vary hesitant to give you trt because long term trt can cause sterilization , and if find a girl one day and married you might want children and not be able to reverse clomid works sometimes but not always. And at your age you might change mind as far as children. Have you had sex with girl yet ? Girls can be annoying as fuck but so can guys , i never liked parties with alot of people im not a social creature myself, still not . Why do girls especially bother do they give attention or just act bitchy towards you.

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You need to do some reading, see what seems to fit you, and come back with more info about you. We do need lab results with lab ranges.

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At your age, you will need to be looking for causes of low-T and regard low-T as the symptom and not the disease.

You cannot shift your T levels with exercise.

Often here, we see that guys have thyroid problems that complicate or sometimes cause low-T.

  • If you do not use iodized salt, your thyroid cannot work right.
  • You might feel cold easily.
  • Outer eyebrows might be sparse.

The symptoms of low-T and low thyroid function are mostly the same.

Labs - post with ranges:
prolactin - can skip if LH/FSH are not low
fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol - could be too low

It could be depression, I am a until social peanut too. I’m still making gains I just have to control my happiness. I’ll have down days and good days. I’m seeing a lot of progress in body comp. I really dont want to go on TRT considering the fact it’s hard to have kids.

Do what ksman recommend get tested, we all have good bad days , i have paranoid schizophrenic on one side of family, alcoholism bipolar on other side, if it wasn’t for the mental boost i get from a good workout i would probably found through violence. At 19 you have to deal with hormones, being a young adult, responsibility, school, etc . I was in navy got away from iowa, saw the world , made freinds etc. Even though i was in crazy shape,your age i had a lot of depression anger which i took out in gym. I have heard time making friends because most people are full of shit, get tested, enjoy life .

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I aperricate it. Thank you guys! :cry: