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Low Testosterone at 17


I turn 17 in few months and went for blood tests 8 months ago and my test was at 10.0 im guessing thats 100ng\di
doctor said 26.0 was low\avrage and 260ng\di is low\avrage so should she have gave me T shots she said wait 6 months so i made an apointment its 2 weeks away got the blood tests but havent seen them yet

why is my testosterone so low at my age? i work out a bit everyday drink probly 8 glasses of milk a day i wanna get bigger stronger stamina cause i tried out for rugby and just got leveled everytime thrown around like a cheap hooker


Life happens. I was in your same situation, but my dad's side of the family passed on shitty genetics as far as that goes. If you have low test, get testosterone replacement (go for shots if you can, gels aren't very "sexy" if you know what I mean.

Some people just have lower levels of testosterone, and can function just fine with it. Being active can actually lower blood levels of testosterone, through a combination of more testosterone being used by the body and and the androgen receptor being more sensitive.

If you're having a hard time putting on muscle (putting on fat instead), aren't interested in sex (especially being 17), are depressed, etc. then you may have a problem with the low testosterone level. If none of these are a problem then you may function just fine at a lower level. Either way, it's something to look into and try. If you feel better on TRT then go for it.


ive got low test cause im not fully finished puberty i developed slowly im 140-145 5.9 and my voice sounds like a 11 year old girl im not fat but got some fat on stomache and boob non on arms or legs


I have had these tests as well.
Turns out my testosterone is fine - it was low on a few tests they did, but nothing to cause concern. Overall I was good.

Testosterone levels can change throughout the day. Make sure before you start any TRT that your doctor admisters blood tests for several different times during the day, also get the same tests at the same time of the day a few weeks later. This allows them to know better your normal levels throught the day. This sounds like a pain in the ass but its worth it.

TRT is dangerous, but it can be helpful.
At 17 - make sure you know what you are getting in to, read as much about it as you can.

Don't go off just the one test they gave you......




take a few days off training of any kind and try again. If your training lots and training hard you'll have lower test levels because your body is using it to repair your muscles.


i was wondering how common in todays environment, if low testosterone levels occur in young adults more frequently than lets say 10 years ago. I my self am a college athlete and went in for blood work to see how my over all health was and my results brought back that my t levels are to low and my triglycerides are through the roof. so i have to see a endocrinologist.

my real question is how common is this? if anybody knows. so my real question is can the environment (food, pollution, etc) have an impact on this.


with xenoestrogens around us everywhere these days it’s not surprising if the average T level of adult men these days is less than 25-50 years ago

we use plastics for everything and so much shit also gets into our water suppply along with pumping animals full of hormones


Maybe you should eat more fat.


what is your lifestyle like?

You should read the thread in T-Cell Alpha labelled ‘the 150lb’er’

Here is the thread: http://www.T-Nation.com/tmagnum/readTopic.do?id=2126987&pageNo=1

Go to page 2 and start reading the posts from ‘4est’.

He talks about how he gave some advice to a kid of around 16 years of age, the kid was at very low t and shot up to good levels from changing his lifestyle.

From what I recall 4est had the kid training 3 times a week doing deadlifts each session (1x20 reps with 10RM weight, rest 10 sec between each rep) trying to increase the weight used each session, with some dips/chin ups at the end.

Here is the ‘Squats and Milk’ program 4est refers to:

There is also a diet laid out at the bottom you could follow. Remember the kid switched out squats for deadlifts and it worked well.

I also believe 8 glasses of milk a day is too much, but i don’t know how big those glasses are, until you tell me i’ll assume you are talking about a larger glass, in which case i recommend sticking to no more than 5 glasses a day.

Just try something like that, and clean up any bad habits in your lifestyle (going to bed/waking up late), and then see how your Testosterone has been effected. If it is still poor well then that is what doctors are for.


I’m in your exact same boat. I’ve noticed after training propperly for a while, especially on a CNS-heavy routine, my T levels are all but nonexistant, and I’m barely making any gains at all. Also, I’m having a tough time losing those last 10-15 lbs of fat, even with V-dieting among other things. I tried cutting out xenoestrogens as well, didn’t seem to do a damn thing, and just made it tough to store foods.

Time to go consult my doctor, although I have a feeling I’ll run into the “you’re still growing” speech I got when gyno occurred.


I am 17 and my test levels are 261.4 ngdl, im 6ft1 and wondering If i will get any taller, have you gotten any taller lately?


Seeing as how this thread is from 2008, there’s a chance the kid ended up growing a little bit.

If you’re looking to treat the low T, you may want to post in the T Replacement forum (which didn’t exist when this thread was first started).