Low Testosterone and Puffy Nipples

Hi guys, I’m 24 years old.
In the last 4 years my energy and libido drastically decresed. Now I’ve no morning woods, almost zero libido and energy, foggy brain, headaches, impaired concentration, dry skin.
Despite exercise and diet it’s hard to keep a low body fat, as I had in the past, especially around the waist .
I’ve also puffy nipples (doctors and echography says it is not true or false gynecomastia, because echo and manual examination has not detected fat or gland (lump), however the nipples behave like girls nipples, the are swollen and they shrink with clutch or cold returning to a normal male nipples).
I checked Liver, kidney, thyroid, adrenal but It’ all perfectly healthy.
So I carried out the testing for testoretone. It was pretty low, but my testicle are perfect (pretty big according to the doctor and no malfuncton detected by echography).

ACTH 21pg/ml (normal value 4,7-48,8)
FSH 4,3 mUI/ml (normal value 1-18)
LH 6,4 mUI/ml (normal value 0,8-7,6)
17-beta Estradiol 33,8 pg/ml (normal value <39,8)
Prolactin 10 ng/ml (normal value 2,7-18)
Testosterone 245 ng/dl (normal value 241-827)
DHT 636 pg/ml (normal value 250-990)
Urinal Cortisol (24h) 88 ug/24h (normal value 7-96)
Cortisol (at 12am) 22,4 (normal value 4,3 - 22,4)

I never use steroids, but this forum is very knowledgeable on hormones.
I don’t know the causes and even my doctor is doubtful, maybe a combination of stress and sedentary life, due to university studies. Is it possible?
How can I increase testosterone and maybe eliminate these puffy nipples that are very unsightly? I thought about Clomid, or is a bad idea?

You have low T and are estrogen dominant because your T is low and your E is on the high end of the normal range. You could start with a low dose AI like arimidex. What were your Dr’s thoughts after seeing your results? For your age, that T is a red flag and usually low T is a symptom of another issue for most.

Sometimes hypothyroidism can play a part in all of this, but unfortunately your Dr didnt get any labs for your thyroid.

For the next week take an oral temperature first thing in the morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, drink/eat anything or talk.

Then take it again around 2-3pm and record all of those numbers. Report back with that information.

Also, I’ve read that Nolva is a better option compared to Clomid which has a tendency to have some bad side effects for some men and that Nolva has much less.

I’ll let the other smarter posters chime in, but Nolva typically works by signalling our brains to produce more LH which then tells our testicles to get to work. Your LH is already in the upper range, so I’m not sure if Nolva/Clomid would be a good strategy.

On a side note, do you watch a lot of porn?

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Yes, look at thyroid via body temperatures.

Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Do you get cold easily?
Did you stop using iodized salt?

Labs: - you have some now
CBC with hematocrit
fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

You are estrogen dominant with moderate high E2 and low T.

Please follow these links in 2nd post of 1st topic in forum:

  • advice for new guys — need more info about you
  • things that damage your hormones
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thanks so much

These are some of my exam
All fine except
Urine sodium (24h) 205 mEq/24h (normal value 50-200)
phosphorus 5,1 mg/dl (normal value 2,5-4,8)

Zinc is Ok
Vitamin B12 is ok
Creatine is ok

Liver: Is ok, but on days when I’m really bad they rise a lot. Echo show a very health liver.
AST 28 on fine days (71 on bad day) (normal value 0-40)
ALT 45 on fine days (195 on bad day) (normal value 0-60)

TSH 2,1 (normal value 0,4-5,5)
FT3 3,4 (normal value 1,8-4,2)
FT4 17 ng/l (normal value 8,9-17,6)

triglycerides 51mg/dl (normal value 50-170)
HDL cholesterol 73 mg/dl (normal value >35)
LDL cholesterol 71 mg/dl
Total cholesterol 146 mg/dl (normal value 70-200)

Total cholesterol=180 is ideal. Less that 160 is associated with increased all-cause mortality. Make changes if possible to increase.

Yes, look at thyroid via body temperatures.

Are your outer eyebrows sparse?
Do you get cold easily?
Did you stop using iodized salt?

TSH should be closer to 1.0
fT3 should be near mid range or a bit higher
fT4 is high, should be near mid range or a bit higher
If body temps are low, suspect increased rT3 and stress/adrenal issue, and read the Thyroid Basics Explained link.

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As I recall my eyebrows are always been thin, not thick, as well as my hair. Maybe just the last cm is a bit sparse but in general the outer eyebrows has the same thickness as the whole eyebrown.
I always had a low temperature, as all my family .
I’ m not usually get colds. In South Italy the weather is mild.
I use only iodized salt, but not in large amount;
I have to misure temperature just woke up, right?

Yes, take temperature when you first wake up
AND also in mid-afternoon

Please study the links.

Thanks for the link, It’s very helpfull.
In the last 3 days I did the temperature test.
I misure my temp just wake up and at 3.00pm (It’s approximately 1 and half hour after launch)

        8:30am       3:00pm

DAY 1 | 36,5°C (97,7F) | 36,9°C (98,42F)
DAY 2 | 36,3°C (97,3F) | 36,9°C (98,42F)
DAY 3 | 36,4°C (97,5F) | 36,8°C (98,24F)

But the arimidex works immediately?
It’s 3 days I’m taking 0,25mg arimidex a couple hours before going to sleep.
Already from the second day, the penis looks almost normal, I start to have random mini erection (no morning wood) during the sleep and until noon, they are still soft, but at least the penis is not more shrink, it is again a bit full of blood.
However after noon the penis restart to shrink a bit.
Are two days that the same thing happens, but I’m hopeful
Almost no more headaches, but still very low energy, dry skin, impaired concentration and foggy brain.

Arimidex/anastrozole works very fast at reducing T–>E2. But following that, E2 levels as E2 clearance lowers E2 levels to a new balance. That takes time. And then with lower E2, LH/FSH and T may increased. You also feel the benefit of improved T:E ratio.

Dry skin can be from thyroid or low T.

How much sea food do you eat? [iodine]

Body temps are not bad, not great either. You could try to get more iodine and watch for changes.

almost no sea food.
As iodine food I eat sometime eggs or tuna and I use ionized salt, but always limited quantities.
Is it raise the salt enough? maybe use some Fucus Vesiculosu supplement?
or is it best just to start to eat more iodine food?

Iodine in salt may be OK for maintenance if you get enough.
You should use something else to increase iodine stored in the body. Look for something that can deliver .5 - 1.0 mg/day.