Low Testosterone and Normal LH and FSH

Hi everybody, i am new to this group and hope i will get the the proper information from the experts in the group. Recently i have diagnosed with low testosterone .

Facing low T. Here are the blood test results, Still awaiting the testosterone levels during second time.What would be the problem.?Am i having secondary hypogonadism?

THYROXINE,FREE 1.22 ng/dL 0.82 - 1.77 ng/dL
T3 Total 97 ng/dL 83 - 200 ng/dL
FSH,SERUM 3.5 mIU/mL 1.5 - 12.4 mIU/mL
LH,SERUM 2.8 mIU/mL 1.7 - 8.6 mIU/mL
TSH 8.340 uIU/mL 0.450 - 4.500 uIU/mL

Testosterone Total very low around 172.8 ng/dL ( taken during first test. Still awaitng for the results during second time).

You have hypothyroidism.

TSH should be nearer to 1.0

T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be nearer to mid-range or a bit higher.
We are more interested in free thyroid hormones.

fT4 is 1.22 and midrange would be 2.59/2=1.295
So fT4 is not far of the mark.

T3 is 95 and should be near 283/2=141.5
T3 is low!
But we are more interested in fT3 as that is really what gets the job done.
You may not be converting T4–>T3 effectively
T4 is a reservoir for creating T3

TSH=8.34 is above normal range.
Your doc is ignoring this?

fT3 regulates your baseline metabolic rate and your body temperature. With low thyroid function, every cell in your body is slowed down and that affects all of your organs and other hormone systems.

Is your thyroid?

  • sore
  • visibly enlarged
  • lumpy
  • asymmetrical

Do you have?

  • dry skin
  • generalized hair thinning
  • brittle nails
  • feel cold easily
  • outer eyebrows sparse

These problems can be cause by:

  • lack of iodine from not using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium
    – doctors seem to never ask about iodine intake
  • thyroid autoimmune disease
    – there are labs that look for these conditions

Please follow theses links in the 2nd post of 1st forum topic:

  • advice for new guys - need more info about you
  • things that damage your hormones
  • thyroid basics
  • protocol for injections
  • finding a TRT doc - the biggest problem

You appear to have secondary hypogonadism.
Without age and more info, cannot advise further.

Please post all of your lab work with ranges.

Where are you located? This affects your options for diagnostics and treatment.

I am Male 32, lives in Seattle. I do use iodized salt regularly for cooking. Doctor has sent me the results over week end and have scheduled a follow up appointment on Monday. Will discuss the results and post the details. Mean while is there chance for low T is due to testicle problem being my LH and FSH are in the range.

Thyroid antibodies test show negative and my thyroid doesn’t looks like it is enlarged but i do have the following symptoms.

No changes in the body weight from the past 3 years despite of good work out.
I do have brittle nails.
I have sensitivity to cold.

Please check salt container labeling to be sure.

Please check and post oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics topic.

Nails can be brittle from low T and/or thyroid issues.

You do not have fT3 labs. That would be useful, but get temperatures first.

Explain how stress and major stress events have shaped your life.

I got the testosterone test results for the second time.
Total T 92 ng/dL (348 - 1197)
Free T ( 21 pg/mL)
How do you interpret Total T, Free T, Elevated TSH , lower end of T3 and low to normal LH and FSH. I was under stress for the last 5 months , but i am very much fine now.

Please get range for FT, these vary greatly across different testing companies.

Please post requested oral body temperatures.

Please re-read my 1st post for thyroid considerations.
Sometimes T4–>T3 conversion is not good. Iron deficiencies can sometimes be a cause and in males that typically requires blood loss from a GI bleed from some kind of GI problem. An occult blood test can detect that and CBC plus hematocrit is also informative.

Here is Free T range (Adult Males: 52 - 280). My physycian has checked Iron levels and those looks normal. By looking my LH and FSH could you please tell me whether i am secondary or primary?

Your FSH and LH is on the low side of normal. You could be secondary as KSman said earlier.

TT and FT levels are very low and your low LH/FSH would be expected to have better, but low, TT and FT.
Based on that it seems like secondary+primary.

My TSH is around 8.8 indicates my pituitary is stimulating my thyroid where as LH and FSH are at the low end . What does it indicates about my pituitary ? Do you think my underactive thyroid is causing low T to become primary ?

Are you going to do anything about your thyroid problem?
Did you read the thyroid sticky?

Hypothyroidism can mess with your hormones, no surprise there.

I have an appointment with my Endo in few days . My primary physician does not wasn’t to treat my thyroid until and unless it is above 10 on the scale ( mine is 8.8) . Today I noticed my testicles have been reduced and looks small . Is the shrinkage is due to Low T or low T is causing testicles to shrink . My LH and FSH were normal and at the lower end . Do you think my pituitary not producing enough LH nd FSH to get T from testicles and so testciles shrinks ?

Did you read that sticky?

You appear to be primary+secondary.
Many parts of your body do not work right with thyroid problems.