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Low Testosterone. Advised TRT


Hi ,

I have been through all the relevant threads on T - levels , I have got very few muscles and less facial hair (main concern), so I decided to consult the endo doc.

I also got the concerned tests done which carried the following values:-

1) LH - 3.27 mIU/ml
2) FSH - 3.03 mIU/ml
3) SERUM PROLACTIN 13.52 ng/ml
4) testostrone - 682.89 ng/ml (240-1200)
5) sperm count - 71 million / ml
6) motility - 68%

Doc suggested me to switch to T - therapy and go on a cycle of 6 months of SUSTANON 250mg/10 days and he told me that my natural production will remain suspended during the therapy and will retain only after 6 mnths , I am bit afraid about the fact that is it true that body starts producing Testostrones AGAIN after the therapy , and if dats the case please suggest me the best and failure free PCT (post cycle therapy )for SUSTANON 250

Kindly reply ASAP, as I am in a mental trauma regarding my health concerns , and after going through various threads I have seen that many of you are really knowledgable about the issue as well as the drug.

Thnaks in advance . Waiting for the reply


250mg/10D is NOT TRT. Also, you don't cycle TRT - you stay on it if you start.

Suggest you find another doc. We need to see your complete labs with ranges.


Read the advice for new guys sticky and come back here with more data.

Was your state of health or vitality slipping?


your T levels look pretty darn good.
I would investigate and confirm or deny thyroid and cortisol issues before even thinking about HRT.
and find a new doctor if possible.



Tanx for your prompt replies , jus wanted to state that my thyroid reports are normal and well in range still my point of concern is less FACIAL HAIR and as per doc its all because of lower level of testosterone in me .
For that he suggested me to switch to SUSTANON 250mg/10D for 6 mnths ,
Kindly guide me about the PCT of this drug and also guide me wether the body starts producing its own testosterone after termination of the the cycle .

Pls do reply.


your Total T values are fine and likely not causing your issues...anyone that treats you with T based on these numbers alone is NOT in the business of HRT--they are in the business of dealing steroids...

"Normal" for thyroid doesn't mean anything--post the labs, values, and their ranges...if you are having problems, it likely lies there and not in your Test...

Do some damn legwork on your own and don't expect to be spoonfed everything--there are stickies a tthe top of the forum that will answer most of your questions and make you realize most people here are looking at your OP in disbelief...

personally if I were you and my only concern was not having a lot of facial hair (boo hoo), I would just stop chasing this rabbit...you don't want to find out where it goes...


worrying about facial hair you need to look at family history to get an idea of what it may or may not

me i shave twice a week.been like that since middle teens


Joe read the stickies at the top please. Post ALL your labs and ranges.


there is a huge difference between what doctors say is "normal" and what is actually ideal.

get your results in your hands and post them here or do some research on them to see if the doctor is just feeding you a line of bs.


HRT is not cycling. If you want to cycle, there is another part of this forum dedicated to that.

HRT is life long as in once you start because your body doesn't make enough T you have to stay on it. FOREVER.




Definitely don't start TRT and don't plan to cycle it. If you are truly looking to increase natural production adding TRT isn't the right option. Get more comprehensive labs and maybe a different doc. I have been to several Urologists and an Endo and am finally getting getting good tests and recommendations from my new Endo and Urologist both saying I was right not to start TRT from previous docs. They both say as PureChance said, once you start TRT it's for life so you had better be sure that's your only option!!!


Kindly advise me how to increase my T levels naturally or what all food supplements i can put on in order to increase my T level permanently without T injections

Thanks in advance

@ all : I would post all my test analysis very soon as I am busy gathering them in order .

Heartiest Thanks to all who posted.


Hi first post on this and would really appreciate some advice.

Quick summary - Im 25, have felt depressed. timid, emotional since mid teens. Been on anti-ds but no good. Never felt that puberty really came, despite moderate changes. Never been on steroids! Asked dr if she would check for low testosterone...

Only test that was done was Serum level, came back 9.5nmol/L (9-25). Dr said thats fine, I disagreed, long discussion, agreed to run second set.

Night before second test I had had about a bottle of wine and got a good sleep (Ive read that these can both temporarily spike T levels, thoughts on this would be appreciated)

Results came back as follows:

Serum 14.0nmol (9-25)
Calculated free test 0.37nmol/L (0.22 - 0.76)
SHGB 20.0 nmol/L (15 - 48) (Roche method)

I was concerned at low level considering my age and my quite debilitating symptoms and eventually persuaded the dr to refer me to an endo. Appointment in 2 months.

I have since done a load of reading and have the following thoughts:

  • I would benefit from my testosterone increasing some way or another as it may be the cause of my symptoms.

  • If i get TRT my T levels will go up but my nuts with atrophy and my system will shut off natural supply.

  • If i take HCG this may prevent the above by stimulating leydig cells. Dr may not px HCG.

  • I should take Arimidex regardless of HCG as the increased T will cause my oestrogen to rise.

So at this point I am worried about the possibility of going on this for life but also excited about getting my life back :smiley:

However, ive now come across some research to suggest that a better way to treat low T would be to take Clomid and Arimidex and Bob's your uncle im sorted and will live a full and happy life??

I really appreciate any thoughts whatsoever on this as my head is right up my arse at the minute!

BTW ive got a son so im not firing blanks (and he looks just like me too!!)

Thanks in advance!


Cowboy - start your own thread....don't hijack joe's thread. It makes it easier to help both him and you :slight_smile: Post complete labs with ranges, read the stickies, and post up any questions then.

Joe - your total test looks good...I don't think you need to look to increase it. However, there may be something blocking your utilization of your T. What is your free-T level? You could be estrogen dominant. You need to get your free-T and E2 (SENSITIVE ASSAY FOR MALES!) levels checked.