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Low Testosterone Advice w/ Test Results


Hi, Im posting in this forum because I respect the articles Ive read on this site and figure people here know more about hormones than most doctors. Im a 30 year old male.

Test Results;
Testosterone Total 182 (250-1100 is range)
Testosterone Free 51.9 (46-224 is range)
Testosterone Bioavailable 120.4 (110-575 is range)
SHBG 7 (7-49 is range)
Albumin, Serum 5.1 (3.6-5.1 is range)
DHEA Sulfate 433 (110-510 is range)
FSH 1.7 (1.6-8.0 is range)
LH 2.5 (1.5-9.3 is range)

Some possible factors; - Could any of these dramatically lower testosterone?

Unfortunetly I have generalized anxiety disorder, depression and some ADD. Ive battled this since about 14 years old.

Pristiq, currently taking this which is an SSRI Ive seen some evidence that they can reduce test but others say no.

I have a varicocele in my left testi. Ive read that this can greatly reduce test if it shrinks the testicle but the left one is probably only a bit (maybe 15%) smaller than the right one (sorry about TMI)

Saw Palmetto, been taking for about 5 years to curb hairloss.

Ive been eating the Paleo diet for about a month before the test and about 3 months now. I feel better overall but dont know if this impacts testosterone. From what Ive been able to find the high fat and protein components of the diet seem to raise test if anything. I guess in relation to this Ive tested positive food allergies to wheat, gluten, eggs and cow dairy.

Have been doing 3x5 and 5x5 routines that include deadlifts and squats for about a little over a year now with no break. Could I have fried myself out?

Thank you so much for any insight that you can provide. My libido sucks, my focus blows, anxiety level high.


I can't speak to the medical end, but I'm curious the feedback you get, as I'm trying to help my dad out.

I can tell you that your Paleo diet should help you out in the long term, if you're doing it right. Fats and foods with lots of cholesterol should help your regulation. That's too bad about eggs, because they are such a good source of fat and cholesterol. Is it all eggs, or just chicken eggs?


Ive never tried any eggs besides chicken. Would be open to testing them out though. I seem to do okay with goats milk whereas cows can mess me up. From what I understand some of the difference can be attributed to the fact that goats are grass fed and cows are fed corn and soy.




You need TRT or need to find a problem and fix it.

Your pituitary can't make enough LH/FSH or the hypothalamus is seeing too much E2 or prolactin. So we need to know if you have signs of too much estrogen in terms of body shape, waist size, weight and possible gyno.

I can't see this getting fixed if your levels are this low at your age.

Edit your first post, with the edit button, and put ranges on your TT and FT lab results.

Read the stickies at the top of the forum.

When did this all start and was that proceeded by an accident or blow to the head? Any loss of peripheral vision. At your age, one should consider an MRI to look for a pituitary adinoma. If the HPTA was intact and the testes were some how damaged, LH and FSH should be high, not low.


I just looked at the test results and it doesnt look like they tested for estrogen. That being said from what Ive read I think I may have high estrogen. I carry my fat all over my body but mostly of the sides of my stomach. I am a "skinny-fat." Before I started lifting I was 6'1 170 but soft with next to no definition. I bulked up to 200 but with a significant amount of fat. Im now 195 and less fat but still a decent amount around my sides. It looks like I almost have cellulite on the sides of my stomach. If I have a t-shirt on I look "fit" but my stomach is very soft (that being said I almost never do abs, thought squats would take care of it). Whats weird is that my lower body develops much easier. I have big thighs and a ghetto booty even though Im a white guy (dont mean offense to anyone). I actually stopped squats because my freakin ass was getting out of hand large. Ill edit my post and add ranges. I also had my thyroid tested and it came back okay. I can post those numbers if you think itll help

I did hit my head and get 36 stiches in my temple when I was 6 and got 15 in my chin when I was 7. However, my Dad and my half-brother also suffer from anxiety issues, depression, ADD and have similar body types. This is what made me think I have something biological going on as I did not grow up around them so it wasnt an environmental influence that gave me these conditions (mental not sure about testosterone).

Ive also tested positive allergies to wheat, gluten, eggs and dairy if that matters. I try to stay away from all of them but Im sure fragments sneak in here and there.


There may be syndrome-X, aka metabolic disorder in your family too. What are your serum glucose numbers?

So what is your action plan? Staying where you are is really not good, but you may been feeling passive right now... another symptom.

Get E2 tested. Or start TRT then track E2 then.

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