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Low Testosterone (23 Years Old)

I’ve visited endocrinologist few months ago because of pubertal gyno. I’ve received no drugs whatsoever because “it’s normal to have gyno” (words of a doc), so I can forget about any treatment. I’ve got this blood work done by him back then, here are the results:

S-PTH 22 ng/L
s-testosterone 10,8 nmol/L (about 317 ng/dL)
s-lh 1,5 UI/L
s-fsh 2,2 IU/L
s-tsh 2,77 mU/L
s-ft3 5,2 pmol/L
s-ft4 13,6 pmol/L
prolactin (POOL and PEG) 8,5 ug/L
IGF-1 292 ug/l.

As you may see, my testosterone level is very low for my age (23), but endo won’t give me T replacement as well, so I’m on my own. I was wondering if Clomid would help? How much should I take per day? Are there any better options? What results may I expect? Please note that I will be taking raloxifene as well to shrink down my gyno. Could Clomid lower raloxifene’s effectiveness by any chance?

Thanks for help.


I had similar results (low T, LH, FSH) and clomid helped me. I started taking 12.5mg per day and after 4 weeks my T went from 370-450 ng/dL (multiple tests) to bout 650-700 ng/dL.
I don’t really know much about Raloxifene or its interaction with clomid.

btw. How did you come to the idea of using Raloxifene for gyno? I’m also researching this topic as i have slight gyno from puberty, which I’m pretty much realising i’ll need surgery if I’ll want to remove it.

The only way to get rid of gyno (true breast tissue, not just adipose) is surgical removal unfortunately. Weight loss and training will help, and estrogen antagonists such as tamoxifen may help decrease swelling from response to estrogen or tenderness but won’t get rid of it. Clomid seems like it will help you a lot with such low lh/fsh.