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Low Testosterone 21 Y/O Male

Hey guys I just recently went and got my testosterone tested by my doctor. Because in the last 6 months I’ve noticed lack of energy motivation and just recently some sexual problems which sent me running to the doctor. But I got my tests back today he said I’m within the normal range but it came back at 360 ng/dL and I know that is not normal for a 21 year old. But what should I do from here go to a clinic or what it seems doctors are very hesitating to help me since I’m 21.

Any advice help

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Was there something significant leading up to this like an auto accident or blow to the head?

When you deal with doctors, they look at statistical normal ranges then make the dumb ass assumption that that is a normal state of health. -wrong

For your age group, your levels are very low. The lab range for testosterone covers a wide age bracket.

waist size:
list any medications
list other health concerns/events

Thyroid problems can lead to same symptoms and also lead to low T problems. Have you been using iodized salt to support your thyroid?

You need to find the root problem. Low T is a symptom.

Lab work:

There are a lot of guys in your age group that land here. So there is some experience to draw on.

As you read the stickies, you might recognize some issues that apply to you.

Yeah the only other things they were tested were some thyroid stuff like

T4,FREE 1.05 ng/dL
TSH 1.540 u[iU]/mL

And a metabolic panel which showed like sodium, glucose etc. All those came back normal.

I do take 25mg of Zoloft a day could that bring my levels down that low?

Also if I’m not considered low t does that mean no doctor is going to give me TRP. And honestly I don’t want this to gain weight or anything I feel that I may need this to better my life

Height 5’11
Weight 145
Waist size 31
And like a mention on the post above I do take 25mg of Zoloft

Zoloft and other AD meds can wreck sexual function. Add low T to that and…

How does timing of Zoloft fit other problems?

Some guys get on AD meds when T is low because docs do things like that.

AD meds might increase E2 by reducing E2 clearance in the liver, but your weight and waist size do not fit that profile.

Give the stickies a go.

The starting dose for Zoloft is 50mg. At 25mg that’s an extremely low dose. I wouldn’t think that’s a contributing factor. I know this from being a previous user, I started at 50 and went up to 100mg. 200mg is the max. Yes, read stickies and get full blood work.