Low Test vs High Test P with Medium Tren E?

I’m on tren E at 550/wk, Test P at 350/wk. I feel the tren lethargy and I’m sleeping for 14 hours, waking up not refreshed. All of which sucks ass.What if I up the test dose to 560-700/wk? Also I’m on a deficit, what can I get expect guys?

Well, tren is like drinking the green shit that got into sewers and created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Except it only makes you toxic, and not a ninja.

In my opinion, test should always be higher than tren, altho i have never done it the opposite way, because it seems irrational.
Anyways, 550 a week is a boatload. Its a bit shy of what pro bodybuilders take, so i would definetly love to see some pics of you to see if for you it is at all worth taking.
You probably could have gone with 500 test and 300 tren.

Caloric deficit will make you lethargic. Tren could do that for some, but just upping the test wont fix it. If any, it would make it even worse. The more shit in your system, the crappier the feel.
If it is totally worth it for you - just push through it and come off when you are done. But the tren dosage is pretty high and unless you can upload a picture that blows everyones mind in here, i am almost sure you dont need that much.
At least for me - i never saw any benefit over 350, and i have done as much as 800.

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I am not sure how much experience you have with tren, but maybe try bringing it down some

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I’ve never read, heard, or experienced this making sleep better. So I can’t recommend that. You might, maybe feel better during the day, but sleep better? Highly doubt it.

If your experiencing sides at current doses and then increase them? More/worse sides.

I agree with Hank and WSM. If you wanna try to improve sleep and/or well being, start backing down. Starting with the harsher compound first(Tren).