Low Test. TRT Back On? Help

So it’s been a long road for me. Here is a long story short… (32 Year Old Male)

Diagnosed with Low Test at 27, had similar symptoms as everyone else does. Fatigue, irritable, no sex drive, general terrible feeling, oh the brain fog, exhaustion and had no idea why. Went to the doc, diag’d with low T. Levels came back at 260ish. Sent me to a joke of an endocrinologist who basically said since I had facial hair I was fine. They drew blood to check pituitary and said I was fine. ???

Started me on Testim. Noticed an improvement but nothing major. Had Test levels checked periodically and nothing ever rose higher than 290 or so. My guess is my Estrogen levels were higher as well but I did feel better. Switched from Testim to Androgel at probably 28. Stayed on Androgel till I was 30. Noticed I was getting some prostate discomfort (non bacterial prostatitis) probably from the damn Estrogen levels rising. (I heard this is a possibility). Came off when the wife and I decided to try and have our first child… six months later success she was pregnant.

I’ve been of the topical testosterone for a year or so now. Feel horrible again. Muscle aches, fatigue, twitching are really bad right now… back pain (have compressed disc in lower back from old injury) and I just feel awful. Had bloods done again recently last week per the sticky on the top of this page to figure out what I can do.

I feel like the topicals don’t work for me. Problem is noone in my area does injections, TRT is a bit foreign in my town and even getting on the Androgel took some time. (Live in a small town in NY).

I’d still like to have another child someday, so I am cautious about injections but think this is where I’m heading. I can’t go on living the rest of my life feeling this way. I shouldn’t feel this way at 32, I feel 62. I used to be a huge weight lifter, runner, was in much better shape. I’m 5’10 185 or so (been dieting).

Current bloods:

Test : 203
Free: 9.9
Prolactin: 8.4
LH 2.9
FSH: 2.8
SHBG: 11.2 (Low)

(My Physician WILL NOT run my E2 levels, said he isn’t allowed to. Hoping my Urologist will. )

I just don’t understand what could of caused this change in my T levels from such a young age. Just wish everything could be normal. I feel like I’m constantly trying to figure my body out when docs think I’m crazy.

It’s pretty sad I have to resort to internet forums than getting actual good information for my doctor.

So this is what’s been happening lately. I have been trying to track down some sort of doc locally that treats TRT on a semi regular basis. Called three endos they said they don’t treat low Test. GREAT. Thanks for the help.

I called my urologist and left a message with his nurse. She called me back and I explained to her I’ve been trying to track down someone who can help me with this. She then tells me she treats several people there and they do injections, clomid,hcg ETC. THANK GOD. SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP. She was able to get me an appointment for end of the month. Hopefully I can bring all my blood work and someone can get to the bottom of what the hell is going on here.

I definitely have secondary hypogonadism, so maybe a regimen of Clomid can assist? I heard HCG is better however… or cypionate injections a couple times week with HGC? Thoughts?

If those are your levels not on exogeneous test, yes, you are secondary.

SERM can be effective and should preserve fertility. Some prefer nolvadex, but clomid is much more widely used.

It’s nice to know E2, but it’s not essential, IMHO. My numbers are low, but I get E2 sides with a level as low as 30. Both numbers are considered well “in range” so I end up using symptoms to treat E2 anyway.

Welcome aboard and good luck.

Thanks Gonad, appreciate you posting. I’m looking for any help I can here. I haven’t felt normal in 5+ years and can’t imagine living the rest of my life like this.

Could I have a possible pituitary tumor?

High prolactin levels usually indicate a pituitary tumor. Yours are low enough I wouldn’t be worried about that.

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Well that’s good to know.

Anyone else have input?

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Have you ever had thyroid tested?
Have you both always used iodized salt?

Injections are no worse that androgel at HPTA repression and fertility problems.
hCG is used to preserver the testes, but your local docs may freak out.

With low SHBG, your E2 is probably quite low now. Would not test now.

Please always post labs with lab ranges, which vary from lab to lab.

Endos are terrible and urologists can be too, with very narrow concerns about what your health issues might be.