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Low Test, Thinking of 12-Week Test E Cycle

Hello guys

I’ve been browsing this forum for ages and other sites trying to get research into steroid use. My question is a bit different from the rest I believe as I’ve struggled to find an answer,

I’m 23 years old
Been training on and off for 3 years now

Now, I’ve had my blood taken and its come back with a 357ng/DL which I know isn’t super low but can’t deny its boarder line. I never get morning wood, never. I suffered from gyno as a kid and still have puffy nipples, I find it hard to put on muscle as a result of the low test, but do not have a problem getting aroused or finishing.

My question is I’m thinking about cycling 500mg test for 12 weeks twice a week with novalax as a pct 2 weeks after. I’m wondering if this will completely shut my test down after as I have low test anyways, I suffer from depression not diagnosed but I just know, I have no confidence in myself and jusf want to feel masculine. I’ve read great things about it making you feel great but I’m also wondering if it will change me as a person as I wouldn’t want that, just want gains and fkin morning wood haha.

Kind regards

A cycle will not help low t. TRT will fix that. You will lose whatever you gain once your return back to baseline. Then you will run into problems trying to constantly run high mg cycles.

Sorry I’m confused?

Why would I be different from anyone else taking test and lose all the gains?

Kind regards

Regular people will (usually) bounce back post-cycle.

PCT technically isn’t even required, you’ll recover regardless (usually) providing you’re a healthy male without any underlying endocrine pathology. However PCT stimulates the production of LH and FSH (of which is shut-down via negative feedback loop to HPTA on cycle) with the kickstarted production of LH/FSH natural intratesticular testosterone secretion will start up faster than what would have otherwise occurred without PCT. This is of clinical significance (although I don’t believe there’s any legit papers on PCT, but in theory from understanding the pharmacokinetics of drugs it makes sense) because when shut down, cortisol (catabolic) becomes dominant, testosterone in itself is responsible for anabolism to a high degree (aside from gh, insulin, igf-1, oestrogen etc), however without PCT it takes a while to recover, thus much of muscle mass accrued is lost (unless you’re very sick/wasted in a hospital bed, in which administration of AAS then going off cold turkey (once you’re well and out of the ward) won’t cause you to lose ALL accruations in lean mass as you were so emaciated prior. Unfortunately AAS aside from topical testosterone and danazol/mesterolone no longer exists in Aus lol, so it’s super expensive GH or nothing for extensive wasting (or import permit/compounding pharmacy but generally and unfortunately, medical practitioners here no next to nothing about anabolic steroids, but generally are very, very intelligent with regard to most other types of medicine).

Anyway, since you seem to be hypogonadal in the first place, PCT may just get you back to square one (so 300’s) thus you won’t have an adequate T level to maintain muscle mass post cycle.

What you need to do is figure out the root cause of you’re hypogonadism

how’s lifestyle

  • prescription medications
  • recreational drug use
  • diet
  • stress levels
  • sleep pattern

Thank you for the great reply,

I’ve decided I think the best option is TRT for me? My lifestyle is good and bad it honestly depends,

I used to have a drinking problem, sleep is about 7 hours per day, I’m very stressed with money issues and don’t take drugs or prescriptions.

I’m looking to get back into the swing of things with healthy diet and regular sleeping

Maybe do a post over in TRT. You are pretty young (so am I at 31), but you want to weigh out everything for before jumping in. Things that can work include Serms, HCG, and Test shots. You may be better off with one of the first two, but they don’t work for everyone.

Don’t do a cycle with your levels. You will feel great for the cycle, then feel worse than now. If you go the TRT route, many throw a blast in here and there, once they have done TRT for a good period of time.

You are right to be concerned about the lack of morning wood. That was my first clue.

how many standard drinks would you say you typically consume in a week currently. If it’s more than seven I’d suggest cutting back.

Hi guys
Thanks a lot for the responses it’s really helping,
I’ve read loads of great stuff about trt,

I used to drink a 4 pack of beer at least every night after work for a solid 2 years. I’ve stopped completely not but never in my life had morning wood. My test levels from a test I did a while back are

amusing how there’s no boarderline, the ref ranges just state “that’s normal, yeet”. Problem with ref ranges are similar to the problems with the educational system, it’s uniform, doesn’t favour individuality. That and majority of dudes with a T of 9nmol won’t be feeling too great, and a T of 29+ is 100% normal. With shitty lifestyles, diets, environmental pollution etc, T levels for men are getting lower and lower, I wonder if in 100 years the avg T will be like 200ng/dl and the avg female will require artificial insemination in order to conceive a child, #strangeandisturbingthoughtsfromthemindofunreal24278

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