Low Test, Still Seeing Fat Loss Results

I don’t know if that’s the right section and I’m sorry if it isn’t. So basically I’m 23 and I have some issues with low test . I do have training and diet on spot and all the way between 7-8 and 20% I have issues like ED and I quickly go soft(even during a sexual activity) , although I have erections trough day and night , it’s just for small period of time (without stimulation). When dieting I have 0 sex drive , i don’t feel like I want and need it and it’s getting even harder to even have an erection . When I’m not hard dieting I do have sex drive and it’s a bit easier to have an erection , but can’t maintain it a long time and it goes soft without reason.
I think after some reading that maybe my total test is fine ,but my free is not. I’m 5.9-5.93ft(180-181 cm) and usually between 180-195(80-88kg) and 7%-15-17% bf and I have experience with the nutrition and training.
Considering that , I can increase muscle and drop from 20% to 7-8% in 6 weeks naturally without losing too much muscle . So I need to have some test in order to do that.
How is this possible and how can I increase my test (hopefully naturally) for long period of time?

Your hard dieting is most likely the cause of your low T status, starving your body of nutrients it needs has consequences. Low thyroid function can make if difficult to lose fat, do you consume iodized salts? You could be iodine deficient which can cause thyroid disorders, and check oral body temperatures and see thyroid sticky .

What total test, I see no labs.

I checked the thyroid sticky. And actually I’m losing fat and gaining muscle very fast , which means I need to have enough test to do so. Do you think I should visit an endocrinologist and what should I ask him for my labs in my case except the total and free test?
I do face the issues before even started working out and do the dieting ( around 13 - 14y when I was teenager ) but I realized them later on…

You say when dieting you have zero sex drive, so if you stop dieting and desire returns then the cause is hard dieting. I’m sorry but there’s a cause and effect going on here and you’re not seeing it.

Starvation diets are known to lower hormones, we see guys in here all the time with these issues, if done long enough there’s no hope of recovering naturally. You cannot make muscle gains on hard dieting, this what you do to lose weight, not gain muscle.

You want →

Total Testosterone
Free Testosterone
Estradiol (E2)
LH-Luteneizing Hormone
FSH-Folicle stimulating hormone
Thyroid Panel
CBC-complete blood count
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid profile/panel

Yes , you are right , but when I add size I don’t eat less than 600 gr of carbs and 80 100 gr of fats and I put a good amount of muscle mass. I’m kinda dissapointed and feel tired of that… I’m still 23. And the big issue is that even when I have very high sex drive I go soft easy again. And I thought that if I don’t take any gear I’ll be fine and won’t have any issues. I was wrong…

If you truly are putting on muscle and losing erections it might be erectile dysfunction of the penis and perhaps not an androgen deficiency. Hyperthyroidism can cause ED, fat loss would be expected. What are your body temps? Do you consume iodized salt? Thyroid require iodine, see thyroid sticky.

Are you taking any medications?

How is your sleep?

Body temps around 98 , I do consume iodized salt. I don’t take any medications and sleeping good. I’m pretty screwed up. If it’s not hyper/hypothyroidism what else can cause ED and it’s been since ever?

We really need labs, if T is low that would pretty much explain things.