Low Test Starting TRT - Update 2-14-11

Age 27
Height 6ft
Weight 238lbs
Waist 40
Body / Facial hair Normal
Carry Fat Only On Stomach and lower back
Health conditions Chronic Testicular Pain/ 4 surgeries/ Hypogonadism
RX Oxycodone for pain/ Test Cyp for testosterone
OTC Multivitamin(bodybuilding.com optimum nut, Vitamin d3 w quercitin, Vitamin C 1000mg iu, Fish oil, Myofusion protein, Fast twitch pre workout nitic oxide, Aftershock post workout w amino acids
Never used hairloss or prostate drugs

Diet High in protein, Low carbs whole grains, alot of fruits and vegetables. No fast food
Training Lift weights 3-4 times workout from flex magazine a week cardio, 2-3 times a week 3-5 miles.

Testicles Don’t really ache not but no much libido.
Morning wood nocturnal erections Since surgeries Increased morning wood 2-3 a week, rare nocturnal erections, no real libido like I used to have before the surgeries.

I have had labs done and will post ASAP
I Know TT was 187 super low
I had increased libido my first 3 days gone now and notice a little in the gym but not much, still feel tired.
How long until I notice a difference in libido, strength and energy?
I appreciate any input and thank you all for your help

I’m not sure why you couldn’t figure this out on your own. You definitely do not inject 100mg twice a week; you split the 100mg/wk dose into two 50mg/wk doses.

DO NOT add another 100mg dose. You will not be doing yourself any favors. Wait until you have your next blood draw, and if your testosterone levels are still too low then try to figure out why - increasing the dosage is probably the last option you should consider after exhausting all others (e.g. cortisol levels, E2, thyroid condition, etc.).

…biting my tongue… (really really hard)

taking 50mg E3D is recommended.

taking 100mg E3D not prescribed by your doctor is not recommended.

shooting extra and then dropping back down to hide the fact that you are going against your doctors advice is not recommended.

testing thyroid, cortisol, D25-OH, ferritin, etc. and finding and treating other issues that may be contributing to your problems is recommended.

We have tested all these things, LH, t3, cortisol, IGF, and many others my doc is very knowledgeable and It seems to be the testosterone levels doc says most likely from injury and had to have 5 surgeries. Thank you very much. Hated to ask but just had to.


The info needed should have been found in the ‘protocol for injections’ sticky.

Please keep this thread as your case and come back to it with questions and updates. We can’t help guys very well who spread there case across multiple threads.

Read the stickies and please do not post there, makes a mess.

If you start reading the posts [threads] of others, you can see how things progress and learn a lot.

We need to see lab numbers and ranges. We often find problems that docs overlook or do not understand.

At your age, low T can be a symptom of things that should be fixed. Treating the symptom and not root causes is typical, but stupid.

Did you just update your first post instead of adding another post to your thread?

That kinda defeats the purpose