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Low Test Post Cycle, TRT Offered


28 year old male,
Ran test e 600mg 16 weeks
Nolva 2 weeks after at 40/30/20/20

PCT ended mid January.
Severe anxiety and went and saw Dr Beginning of March.
Blood Test showed Testosterone Serum 246/ng (range 350-1150)
Put me on Androgel, and xanax for anxiety.
I couldnt tell doctor the real reason why my test was low because of insurance and life insurance issues in the future for being on AAS.
I stopped Androgel 4 days later so i wasnt stuck on TRT for life and have started to attempt to bring back my body to homeostatsis.
Started 25/mg a day of clomid, My question is, my anxiety is going thru the roof even more where im going into full panic attacks. Could this be from too high of estrogen?

i ordered a private blood test to check E2, LH, FSH, TT, and will get results in a few days but im curious to try Arimidex at .5mg a day to see if my anxiety will subside. Xanax helps but totally destorys my energy.

What is your guys suggestions until my bloodwork comes back?


Someone will chime in on the TRT aspect but as far as the anxiety goes, I doubt it’s too directly related. Your body is going through some serious changes and you are naturally worried about it. It’s a weird spot to be in. You are seeing a doctor now and getting everything back in check. Keep reminding yourself of that the anxiety will subside. I consider myself an anxiety expert. You name it, I’ve had it/gotten through it. You aren’t dying. Anxiety sucks though. You are headed in right direction.


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