Low Test, Novice Strength Levels after 10 Months

I’m a 5’5, 152 lb male. I was diagnosed with low T (131 ng/dL) about a month ago after undergoing multiple blood tests. I gained about 0.7 lbs/week and slept 7-8 hours. I fixed my form on the main lifts drastically in the months I’ve spent in the gym. Despite all these factors, my lifts are rather low. I started with Stronglifts on April and ran that until November. I started hating lifting at that point so I decided to run 531 for beginners for about 2 cycles though I ended up struggling even after using a low TM.

My one rep max for the B/S/DL are 100/225/220 respectively.

Those testosterone levels aren’t just low, they are deadman levels of testosterone, only I scored lower at 120 ng/dL. There is a cardiovascular risk at levels below 440 ng/dL.

I can help but you’re going to need a full blood panel checking more than just total testosterone, we really need to see Free T, estrogen and SHBG at a minimum. Free T is what matters more than Total T, Total T is bound to SHBG, therefore not bioavailable.

Total T
Free T
Estradiol Sensitive (E2)
LH-Luteinizing Hormone
FSH-Follicle stimulating hormone
Thyroid Panel
CBC-complete blood count
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Lipid profile/panel

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The amount of free thyroxine I have is 0.7 ng/dL. The other data isn’t disclosed but my endocrinologist remarked that my thyroid level is a little low.

That’s what they referred to as subclinical hypothyroidism, most insurance companies won’t cover treatment for subclinical hypothyroidism. The doctors really have no say-so in the matter.

SHBG is a good biomarker for determining a good TRT protocol.

Yah it’s all about money. They just lowered it again from what I hear. Most pay out of pocket from what I gather. Any trt doc will help you. But insurance doesn’t cover because there cheap.