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Low Test, Normal LH + FSH. Any Ideas?

Hi everyone,

I’m 25, feel a bit depressed, without energy, overweight or little obese (BMI ~ 30), but with normal libido. To check the reason, i did some medical tests. What i’ve found, is ridiciulisly low Testosterone. I have never took SAA or hormon-related drugs, I´m currently after medical checks for airline pilot and everything in my body seems to be fine (except high BMI).

  1. Test:
    LH 5,4 <1,7-8,6>
    FSH 4,4 <1,5-12,4>
    Testosterone 246 <280-800>
    Prolactine 12,8 <4,0-15,2>
    TSH 2,07 <0,3-4,5>

I thought, maybe the reason of my problems with hormones is only hight amount of work, stress, and obesity. I did some holidays, changed a bit my lifestyle, added some workouts + running. After month i repeatet the blood tests, with some others indicators (TSH removed since in norm).

LH 5,1 <1,7-8,6>
FSH 4,8 <1,5-12,4>
Testosterone 225 <280-800>
Prolactine 9,7 <4-15,2>
E2 15 <11,3-43,2>
Cortisol 11 <4,72-19,5>
SHBG 14,6 <18,3-54,1>

So after month my testosterone gone down. I’m going to visit urologist now, but cause my irregular worktime i have already 2 times cancelled my visit there.
Maybe You have some ideas why my testosterone is so low, or which tests can i make to check the reason of that? So for additional info:

  • my testicles are normal sized
  • poor beard growth (seems to be genetic), but the body hair in norm or even too many, normal body development.
  • in last year i have really tried to loose some weight ( i found that some havy diets and excercises can also causing secondary hypogonadism), but last 2-3 months i´m eating normal.
  • my complete blood count during pilot checks (~2 months ago) are completly in norm
  • i have found some hormone tests from 4 years ago, my testosterone was 458 (also <280-800>). Maybe not to hight, but in norm. I was not obese that time.

Can it be, that the whole history is about obesity? Low SHBG seems to signalise the obesity or other methabolic problem,
but even at this low level, with testosterone ~230 the calulation for free or bioavailble testosterone gives something little below ranges.

LH amounts seems to be also correlated with testosterone, so i suppose the testicles are able to produce this hormone, but the problem is in stimulation:

  1. 5,4 -> 246
  2. 5,1 -> 225


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