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Low Test & Low Estrogen?

I have been reading on here and need to clear one thing up.
Low estrogen levels have all sorts of bad effects, low libido, depression and so on.
These are also symptoms of low T right?
I have low T and for what ever reason my Doc did not measure my estrogen.

Is it safe to say that when my T levels go up, so will the estrogen level?
I will have blood work done in 8 weeks and will ask for estrogen levels.
Just need to know if I am understanding this correctly.


Did they measure SHBG? I’m assuming they put you on TRT, did they add an AI, if so then that would probably keep your E low and maybe even crash it. Others on here far more knowledgeable than I will chime in.

Your body makes E from T so the answer is yes.

If you have to educate your doctor that he should be testing estrogen, then you need to find a new doctor.

You have almost zero chance finding a knowledgeable TRT doctor under your insurance network.