Low Test, LH, and FSH After Test Taper


I am 26 years old with about 8 years of lifting experience. recently I did my first cycle utilizing the standard 500mg Test E pinned twice a week for 8 weeks. At the end of the cycle I chose to go with the test taper method for pct following the protocol to the Letter as it was written by “Prisoner” here on the forum. during the taper I actually felt great! My energy remained good my libido came back to an extent, and I lost all of 5lb on my bench. It seemed pretty succesfull!

I saw the guidance that taper time could be used as “off time” however I decided to be on the side of caution and just wait the full “time on plus pct” before having another go. Here I am almost five weeks since I concluded the taper and I do not feel bad really at all? However I got my bloods checked and to my surprise my test is still way low compared to my pre cycle test, I had two done just to be sure it was not a fluke, Both tests came back with a free test level in the low 50s and total test in the mid 200s… my baseline before cycle was 530.

On the second test I had LH and FSH tested as well with my LH Reading a very low 0.9 and my FSH reading 0.7! My question is have I just not waited long enough? Also I have plenty of nolva on hand as a backup in case the taper was not going well… should I run it for a few weeks? Thank you for any feedback.