Low Test Levels

I just got my blood work results and my test level was a shockingly low 184. I had my blood test taken about 3 months after my last test injection. I’m currently in the second week of a 12 week 750mg sust, 350mg deca/week cycle. I used hcg, 250iu e3d from weeks 5 to 12 during my last cycle.

So, I’m kind of freaking out now and am going to see an endocrinologist and getting more detailed blood work done. Should I be uppping my hcg dosage on this cycle? Consider taking a small dose of test as a “bridge” between cycles? Any advice would be appreciated.

Lab work while on cycle is dumb.

hCG 250iu should be E2D, not E3D. But that is probably not the cause of your problem.

You need to attempt PCT this time, using adex during cycle, PCT and 0.5mg/week well past PCT to head off estrogen rebound issues.

Then get tested. TT, FT, E2, LH, FSH

If TT is low and E2 is not elevated, go back and test for prolactin.

Any blows to the head? That can damage the pituitary.
Testes hurt?

Doing gear does create risks of these things.

If testes are smaller and/or not hanging normally, LH is low. But LH has to be quite low for physical changes like that. When the testes are LH starved, some get a 24x7 ache.

I know, it wasn’t the ideal time to get blood work, but I was concerned about other possible issues as well (high cholesterol, etc.). I used 10mg/day of aromasin last time, but probably should have extended it further into my pct. I think I will try test taper this time.