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Low Test Levels Starting TRT

I need major help from those of you here that have some insight or have personally gone through this yourselves. I have felt that my Test levels have been steadily declining over the course of the past few years. I have had a long list of symptoms that I can attest to the low levels: depression, lack of muscle quality, increased body fat that I cannot move, lack of stamina in the bedroom, no energy, always tired, low cognitive function.

My Total Test is 1.8 ng/mL and Free Test is 5.91 pg/mL (I’m not sure what the conversions are but I’m assuming the should read 180 and 591 respectively) I have an appointment lined up at the end of this week and talked only to the nurse today. She told me that my doc offered up Androgel or injections of depo-Testosterone (Test Cyp, right?) I was told that he wanted to start with one monthly injection of 200mg. To me, this seems like a low dose solution. Also, I need to know what, if any, ancillaries are necessary and how to go about asking for them. I want to maintain my testicular health but my overall goal is to be energetic and get back the physique that I had not too long ago.

My current stats are: 40 years old, 6’1", Weight fluctuates between 220-225, bodyfat approx. 20%. I just want to know what I am looking at, how long do I stay on, or will I ever get off. If I stay on for life, am I going to need more than just the TestC injections or will I need to be re-evaluated and change drugs. Any and all expertise and help from all of you out there is much needed. Thanks for your help in advance

Your doc is an idiot, and he has lots of company.

Read the estrogen and injection stickies and then come back for more.

Where in Colorado… affects options.


And explain what your problem is and ask for a referral. They may know good docs who are located somewhere accessible to you. Compounding pharmacies can ship Rx drugs anywhere in the USA.

Watch for the “clinics” who do not take insurance and are very expensive.

Get and retain copies of all of your lab work - ALWAYS!