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Low test levels...not a problem?

Is there any truth to the idea that some people don’t need a lot of test? I had a test. test done. It was 351 (range was 241-827) Free test was 110.5 (f+wb) (range was 66-276). I don’t know if they adjusted their ranges for the time of day (it was 3:55). Anyway the endo. told gave me some other tests (LH releasing and all that I forgot) but finally said (I don’t look like I have low test. Pretty muscular, slim, bench over 300, all that) “test. is a funny thing…if you don’t need a lot for what your body needs then maybe you won’t make alot (something like that)…you’re at the low end…but there’s nothing I can do for you.” Make any sense at all? Does this imply I’d get a hell of an effect from a moderate cycle or nandrosol??