Low Test Levels at 25

Ok so since I was 24-25 I had low test levels… One of the numbers I remember from the blood work from my doc’s office was 274… This was a legit test and I never ran stuff growing up… My doc gave me test shot of 300 once a month…

After getting tired of the spikes for a week and then the not so fun drop off for three weeks till my next shot… I decided to give up on it… Then a trusted source offered me help not too long ago(couple months ago)… I’m currently 28 and my libido is pretty low still… I do have to admit it’s nice to have my lifting pay off once again… I haven’t experienced that for a long time up till now.

I know you guys are probably all saying “bull shit this dude didn’t have that low of test that young…blah blah blah” but it’s a fact… My body has been aging pretty rapidly since being out of the military. My joints have arthritis and I’ve been balding since 24. But none the less… I’m coming to ask all you guys for advice…

I’m currently shooting 250 of cyp once a week and about to start deca… I’m on arimidex .50 every other morning. Any advice on changes to help out with libido and any advice on doses of the deca, test, and arimidex? Also having some break out issues on shoulders and arms… I’ve tried reading up on stuff but I haven’t read any cases similar to mine.

Thanks for any help or opinions