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Low Test Levels After Good PCT


I recently came off a 16 week cutting cycle using Sustanon 250 at 500mg a week and some Clen. I came off 10 weeks ago used Nolva and some nutraceuticals. It was the best I have ever felt coming off a cycle.

MY strength has not dropped, I have not lost a pound and have a great sex drive. I went to get a blood test yesterday to check liver values, A1C levels, and test levels etc. and I came back with my test level at a 178 when the values should be 250-880.

I am 25 and consider myself pretty smart when it comes to this stuff and am stumped here. I dont see how i can feel the best I ever have but my test levels are this low. Any ideas besides getting back on!!!!


you haven't lost a pound, or dropped much strength, and most importantly, you sex drive is good...IMO, stay off a while longer and go get your levels checked again at a later date.


People who train intense have lower natural T levels than those who don't. While on PCT you were still training hard, this may account for your lower natural T. Id give it a little bit and see how it pans out. If you arent already, I would use a tribulus product for a little bit and get that helping boost your natural T. Personally Alpha Male works very well for me.


Im not sure how many cycles you have done before but 16 weeks is pretty long. There's a good chance that you might have shut yourself down. Trying taking some hcg and see if that will get your producing again. Your doc should be able to prescribe it to you.


HCG is suppressive. Yes it will boost levels, but then pull it away and I'll come crashing down again. I'm not looking for a short term fix, or long term HRT. I may just try a run of clomid and Alpha Male and see what happens.



Did you get any other hormones measured? Total test alone is not really a great measure. What about free test, LH, FSH etc?



16 weeks is a long time to be on. 178 is not that bad considering you wer on for so long. I would continue with Alpha Male, some anti estrogens, and ZMA. Also watch out for excercise and diet reduced low test levels. you might be suffering from those symptoms considering you said you were trying to lose fat. Cut back on some volume, increase sleep, and get more fats in your diet. laters pk


What makes you think the cycle has lowered your test levels? The test results are irrelevant if you do not have a baseline test result from prior to your beginning steroids. You may have always been that low. You certainly don't have any symptoms of low test so this may be a normal test level for you.


I'd say the two main points here are. Do you know if 178 is lower then you normally are? The second point/my opinion is that you should wait till you time off is equal to your time on then get checked. BTW, dont' stress it too much yet.