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Low Test Levels 4 Wks After PCT


I did a 10 week cycle, which was my 3rd cycle, 1st on tren of

Weeks 1-8 - Test E/750/wk
Weeks 5-10 Tren A 140mg/EOD
Weeks 1-4 Winny 50mg/ED
Weeks 7-10 - Winny 50mg/ED

PCT was:

Week1: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 2: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 3: Nolvadex 20Mg/day
week 4: Nolvadex 20Mg/day

Day 1 250 mg clomid
day2-11 150 mg clomid
Days 12-21 100 mg clomid
Days 21-28 50mg clomid

Its now 5 weeks since i finish PCT and a was hoping to be in a better position now than I am as I was hoping to start another cycle in 3 or 4 weeks, which isn't looking like its gonna happen. Usually even straight after cycling I dont feel any different other than smaller balls and have never struggled with libido or getting wood.

This time around in the first 2 or so weeks of the PCT, i was really struggling, getting it on with our lass a week after cycle i had nothing during foreplay, it was only our lass putting it in her mouth that did the trick bless her!!!!

Now at 5 weeks after PCT libido is running high ish again and I'm back to getting erections on touch again, but usually 90% of the time i got to sleep with a 'lob on' and wake up with morning wood also!! I'm from England so i think blood test EtC are harder to come by this side of the pound, just wanted to know if a smaller second lower dosed PCT, like the one below would help kick things or can that do more long term damage than any good, or weather it was just a matter of waiting around??????

Second PCT

clomid 50 mg ed week 1-3
nolva 20mg ed weeks 1-3


Im from England too and getting a blood test is the easiest thing one can do. My GP sends me for a blood test whenever I fart lol.
Go to the GP and tell him whats happened (it will be beneficial if you say you have been off for longer though, around 6 months). And make it seem worser then it is and he will send you for a blood test. Search what needs to be tested.


alright man cheers, will saying I'm a steroid user not go on my record, am I not better saying i ordered some suppliments, boosters etc from EBAY that seem to sent me off course????


It will go on the NHS record yes, but I think it is only cause for concern if you are looking to go into the medical profession (like me). But yeah you can say you used a supplement instead of steroids.