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Low Test Levels, 25 Yrs Old


I am only 25 years old and feel like i feel like i dont have alot of energy anymore, i couldnt even get an erection last time i had sex with my girfriend below are my T-LEVELS.Does anyone have any suggestions?

One Doc, asked me do you get hard when you see women and i said yes.He said because you get hard then that means you have no problem..WTF??
21865 - TESTO, FREE, BIOAVAILABLE LC/MS/MS Col. Date: 7/16/10 2:48 pm
TESTOSTERONE TOTAL 304 250-1100 NG/DL Final results NI
TESTOSTERONE FREE 68.8 46.0-224.0 pg/mL Final results NI
TESTO, BIOAVAILABLE 159.5 110.0-575.0 NG/DL Final results NI
SHBG 13 7-49 nmol/L Final results NI
ALBUMIN, SERUM 5.1 3.6-5.1 g/dL Final results NI


Hi Davsey,

First, welcome to the site. HRT is a long long frustrating process, and most of us here have a wide spectrum of experience in the "been there and done that" category and can hopefully point you in the right direction.

Second, please read through the sticky threads (the ones at the top of this forum).

Third, please read through several of the other recent posts to get a feel for how the conversation goes around here.

Fourth, please come back here to your primary thread and post all of the additional details requested in the Advice for New Guys thread.

Fifth, hopefully receive some helpful information.

Good Luck.