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Low Test Level, Prescribed Clomid

Hello everyone. Recently i got tested for serum testosterone and got result 424 ng/dl. I am 30 years old. Visited two urologist and both told me its because of anxiety. One prescribed clomid 50 mg for 1 month with dietary supplement. Since then i have spent weeks searching on Google for reasons and got some information that i have poor life style. The more i search on Google, anxiety is becoming ever worse. I am afraid of trt complications and wanna live without trt. Here is my short life background

  1. I don’t do exercises i.e sedentary life style

  2. I dont eat healthy and adequate, eat two times a day and some time once a day with low calories intake. I guess, i get around 800 to 1200 calories per day with no meat, fruits, eggs, fish, milk etc. Actually i never paid attention to eating since childhood so i lost appetite because it has become my habbit.

  3. Don’t drink enough water as well, daily intake is 5 to 6 glasses or even less

  4. Mild anxiety and occasionally extreme anxiety and stress has been part of my life due to personal issues. I was on antidepressants for 4 months. Over sensitive and anxious person.

If i fix these issues mentioned above, will i able to reach optimal testosterone level?
I am so depressed, please give feedback.

My Testicular ultrasound report is clear, no problem with testicles

TRT is safe and the clinical studies only show benefit, the problems is TRT can exacerbate existing medical conditions like heart valve problems if you push yourself too hard beyond the ability of your heart or if you’re unlucky enough to be within the 2 percent of the population who are prone to blood clotting do to a disorder.

Working with an incompetent doctor will increase possible side effects. There have been countless members here (OCD) who were scared to death of TRT and put it off for a long time and when they finally had the courage to start, responded very well right off the bat and are doing better than expected.

The odds of clomid not working is very high and also very high that you will need TRT. Clomid is the drug with the side effects you should be more worried about, TRT is a picnic in comparison. We would all like to live without TRT but it’s just not possible unless we are ok with living a lower quality of life and a shorter one at that.

There is an adjustment phase when starting out on TRT, how is this process is will depend on whether you heed our advice and are working with a competent doctor, if SHBG is low or obese and you inject T infrequently like once weekly, that’s just asking for trouble.

Urologist don’t usually specialize in TRT so be careful, we hear horror stories all the time, 200-400mg every 2-4 weeks would put you on a hormonal roller coaster. The standard of care for doctors to follow is 200mg every 2 weeks and clinical studies from over a decades ago show only a bad result.

A large percentage of men show no cause for testosterone being low, it’s just low and has been declining for several decades since the industrial revolution.

If a Total T is the only labs your urologist ordered, this wouldn’t be a good sign at all. We don’t know your Free T levels and SHBG which balances your Total T and Free T. Free T levels are what your body needs, Total T is bound to SHBG and not useable by your body.

So your question can you reach optimal T levels cannot be answered because you haven’t really provided enough labs to be able to determine anything. More than likely you will not be able to reach high normal testosterone naturally, most do not without intervention clomid or TRT.

This is why your testosterone is low, restricting calories is basically starving yourself and this lack of nutrients will cause you harm over time, in your case hypogonadism. Your anxiety is probably also to blame, factors for testosterone being low are multifactorial.

Fix this then get tested again. Your levels are at where I would say lifestyle changes would actually affect your numbers. You listed your problem’s yourself, you recognize them, so you know that you should be doing something different. Getting on TRT with poor lifestyle choice to begin with will get you no where.