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Low Test Level in the Blood


Hi there, I'm on self prescribed TRT since about three weeks, I injected 125mg of enanthate once a week and today my labs came in, I tought that I should be in the upper range say 800-900, but labs shows only 260 ng/dl !
Any help ?


So what was your test value pre TRT?
When was the blood drawn relative to your injection (how many days apart)

What other medications are you taking and post your complete blood results with ranges.


Unfortunately you got fake gear. Find another source or get it medically prescribe. Why are you self medicating?
Did you have previously lab work done to confirm your are low?
Are you under the age of 30? If so then you may not even need HRT

I would examine other factors in your life which may be affecting T levels such as stress in general from mental, emotional, biological, or environmental aspects. You are putting your self into a deeper hole more ways then one.


My level was about 250 for many years, I'm 41, blood was drawn 5 days after the shot.
I'm not taking any other meds, blood results was 264,70 ng/dl ( 249 - 836 )


As hardasnails mentioned dud gear. In your best interest it would be beneficial to look for a doctor to work with. It will be tough to find a good one, but don't give up. Many of us are in the same boat. Read the stickies and take it from there and try to diagnose your situation to find the root cause.