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Low Test, High TSH


Hello.For my entire life I have struggled to lose weight.I was 136 kg,I got to 77 kg,now I'm 85.No matter what I did I couldn't get to sub 10% bf so I decided to get a blood work done.My results are the following :

Total Testosterone 3.62 ng/mL
TSH 4.08 mIU/mL
FT 3 4.48 pmol/l
fT4 11.75 pmol/l

When I saw that my testosterone is low and TSH elevated I went to a endocrinologist.She said that everything is normal.I managed to convince her to prescribe me T4(25 mcgED) but I dont think that this will be effective enough.Should I consider TRT and can T4 at such a low dose aid fat loss,should I increase the dose?And if hypothetically I decide to increase my T4 intake could this lead to fat loss ?


Others here are much more knowledgeable than I am. But one thing that I’m sure will be pointed out is that you need to post the reference ranges that the lab used for your bloodwork so that we can see where it falls within the range even if it’s “normal” according to the doc.

I’d also recommend that you read through the stickies. There’s one completely dedicated to thyroid issues.


My lab reference ranges :
TT : 1.75 - 7.81 ng/dL
FT3 : 3.80 - 6.00 pmol/l
FT4 : 7.86 - 14.41 pmol/l
TSH : 0.34 - 5.60 mIU/mL