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Low Test, High Tren Cycle

Okay so I’m about to start my second cycle (first one was 10 weeks of test e500)
This time I’m thinking about adding Tren E with some Test E. The layout will go like this

Weeks 1-10
Sis Labs Test E 300–100mg mon/wend/fri
Weeks 2-10
Sis Labs Tren E 200-- 200mg mon/wend/fri

This is where I need most of the advice… I didnt take any pct or AI on my first test only cycle. No side effects and the time it took for my natural test to come back wasnt more than a few weeks after I was done completely. I was wondering if I could run this test and tren cycle and use no AI or pct. I would keep it on hand just in case something flared up but I’ve read that if you can get by without having to use all that it can actually be better for you. Thoughts?

Ya bro sure why not. PCT is overrated anyways.

You know what’s not overrated tren. Add more tren!

Might as well get some T3 and mast to throw in there and use a adrol jump start=GAINZZZZZZ


What hes ^ trying to say is… bad idea. I mean if you didnt pick that one up by yourself.

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I’ll skip over the whole ‘no pct’ mess and jump right to the tren. You want to take tren e…for a first tren cycle…which indicates that you’ve done zero research. That tells me you probably lack intellectual rigor in other areas. If you’re not willing to do the work for the sake of your own health then why would you expect others to care more about it than you do?


Don’t pay attention to these haters man. PCT’s are overrated. I have heard some well respected Dr.'s say the best PCT is cold turkey and time. You don’t need no stinkin AI’s. That cycle looks amazing, let it rip.

You guys are harsh on a brother. Yes, he’s playing with fire, and yes Tren E has significant sides, and yes he’s hasnt done a good forum search BUT…most of us have done something similar and survived.

OP, Tren E is the king of steroids. Its steroids on steroids. Comes with significant side effects, primarily it can change your personality. I’ve run it twice and I fucking loved it BUT, my wife hated who it made me and made me promise to never use it again.

If your single, then do your homework on the side effects, then also consider Tren Ace for shorter durations, then make your decision.

Tren e is a no-no on a first tren run. There’s a reason for that. The mental side effects can be deviating for some guys. So if you must use tren then go with ace instead. It clears the system in a matter of days, as opposed to e which takes up to two weeks. If you get nasty trensomnia you want that to end fast. If you can’t sleep then you can’t grow. You can ruin a whole cycle simply by getting poor sleep. So that alone should tell you that you’re looking at the wrong ester.

This isnt a low test high tren cycle.

Cut the test dose in half.


Thanks for the advice guys. I’ll consider lowering the test and I’ll be switching the Tren E with Ace.

I have another question. With such a low dose of test would it be possible to run Adex at .5 every Monday and thursday or should I do .5 eod.

You probably don’t need an AI at that dose. If you’re nervous, then get nolvadex which is a SERM and keep it on hand if you see signs of gyno

Alright well honestly I’m more worried about prolactin issues because of the tren than I am estrogen sides from the test. My body responded great to a test only cycle. Should I substitute the adex for caber and keep the Adex on hand incase of estrogen sides flaring up?

I appreciate the help and advice.

If you’re worried about prolactin issues then the solution is to not run tren. It’s actually easier to not run tren than it is to run it and play Russian roulette with your libido.

I dont understand why everyone is always on every post telling people dont run tren. Of course I’m going to be worried about prolactin issues because it’s a possibility just like estrogen sides were a possibility with my test only cycle. I’ve made up my mind on the tren its gonna happen. At this point I’m asking for advice on how to manage any potential sides not to for someone to try and talk me out of running tren.

No, I don’t think the Adex will protect from prolactin related sides. I think caber is the only treatment for that.

I’m not completely sure on this one since I never had any prolactin issues

Probably because you haven’t demonstrated the requisite skill necessary to do something that advanced and rather than let you hurt yourself some people might want to try to help. You didn’t run pct last time and you don’t want to this time. Does that sound like someone who is prepared to jump into the most difficult steroid to manage?

Since you’re not going to listen to anyone you should at the very least read up on caber before you start using it. No sane person will tell you to use it prophylactically if it’s not needed. It can be nasty. Messing with dopamine at that level isn’t something to take lightly. Do your research before you pull the trigger on that one. Seriously. Best of luck to you.

I didnt take AI because the guy that introduced me to gear told me he had many test only cycles that he didnt take any. Just clomid and he had great results. I tried it and just so happens I have the same luck. My body responds well to it. Some people it isnt that easy. I dont want to go through this cycle with no AI I was just asking if anyone knew if it was possible. And if it’s not what I’m gonna need to deal with the side effects

My man, the AI is not the issue here. It’s perfectly fine to run a cycle with no AI if it’s not needed. That wasn’t the part that is concerning.

so by making up you’re mind you’re well informed on the potential risks using a powerful compound like trenbolone entails. You’re aware of the risks to you’re cardiovascular, endocrine, potentially respiratory systems and mental state. If so then go ahead, if not then do more research. Some people react well to Tren, and it’s just like taking any other anabolic, others have intolerable sides. Regardless, it’s one of the harshest. take care

Thank you. I think I’m well aware I’ve done my research on the possibilities.