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Low Test, High Deca?

Can you run low dose test with higher deca or EQ without having issues? For example 300 test 500deca. I have heard it can cause libido issues, but that might just be deca in general not the ratio. Not sure.

Low test, higher EQ is a good cycle, actually my favorite.
Never tried deca, as I here too many horror stories.

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Nandrolone has effects on neurotransmission that have adverse effects on libido, ratio of test/nand is broscoence, whether there’s something to it I don’t know, however libido effects from N are most of the time neurotransmitter related (depletion/downregulation of dopamine and serotonin)

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I think this is why caber helps. The conventional wisdom is that it lowers prolactin—which it does!—and therefor the problem must have been prolactin. But it’s also a powerful dopamine agonist, which also helps mitigate the effects of nandrolone.