Low Test/FSH/LH? Lab Results. Next Steps?

I am a male in his early 30’s, with low libido, a belly that just won’t go away, regular night sweats, and foggy mind finding it hard to concentrate. So I suspect I have low testosterone / hypogonadism. I have never ever taken steroids, but had taken Finasteride/Propecia for hair loss for a few weeks (even though around 10 years ago), so that is a possible cause. Outside of this, I can’t think of any direct causes… possibly I just have naturaly low levels. I try to watch both my diet and alcohol intake, and exercise a 2-4 times a week. Its very frustrating!

I got some lab results a while ago (highlights of which you can see below). The Doctor told me everything is in line, but doing some research online myself, I disagree with him, and know my Testosterone levels are too low, and I am guessing this is being triggered by my low levels of FSH and LH. My Cortisol and Oestradiol levels both look relatively high.

Should I consider getting a Pituary scan, as maybe there is an issue there? I am staring to take 25mgs of Clomid every second day, and I am considering incorporating PES Erase every second day also (as a natural Aromatase Inhibitor). I don’t want to go on TRT, as I am trying to have a kid, and generally see that as a last resort.

I am not happy with my Doctors feedback, so I would really value anyone’s opinion on this? Results as follows…

Main Results:
TESTOSTERONE 11.9 nmol/L (Normal Range 7.6 - 31.4)
FOLLICLE STIM. HORMONE 2.7 IU/L (Normal Range 1.5 - 12.4)
LUTEINISING HORMONE 2.1 IU/L (Normal Range 1.7 - 8.6)
17-Beta OESTRADIOL 142 pmol/L (Normal Range 44 - 156)
CORTISOL 423 nmol/l
SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOB 18 nmol/L (Normal Range 11 - 52)
PROLACTIN 181 mIU/L (Normal Range 86 - 324)
OH Vitamin D 25 nmol/L
THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE 3.06 mIU/L (Normal Range 0.27 - 4.2)
FREE THYROXINE 17.0 pmol/l (Normal Range 12.0 - 22.0)

Other results outside of normal range:
MCHC: 35.7 g/dl (Normal Range 30-35)
Eosinophils: 0.60 (Normal Range 0.0 - 0.4)
CK : 353 IU/L (Normal Range 38-204)
PHOSPHATE 1.64 nmol/L (Normal 0.87 - 1.45)

Instead of a SERM, I would probably try to address things with an AI instead. this will lower your E2 and perhaps increase your T production.

The SERM will actually increase your blood levels of E2, which may not be beneficial for you.