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Low Test for 22 Yr Old

i got tested the other day and i got 13 on the scale of 11.5-32, and E2 of 86 everything under 160 is good. the blood was taken in the late afternoon an a training day, a number of hours after my training…if thats makes any diff
i dont have any symptoms of low test…i can get it up and keep it up, not having morning wood regularly but sometimes. feeling some pain above the testes but not the testes themselves.
i live in au and here they dont have a free test test which i found kinda wired and if ur tsh levels are noral then they dont test ur FSH or LH.

any way im not sure if thats low or not, my doc didnt say anything about it. what do ya recon i should do?

im 6 1" 95-97 kg, been really sick for the past 8 wks (had mono) and lost a fair bit.
any way is it possible that my low test got anything to do with the mono? been health now for 2-3 wks

im in the same boat, im 22 yrs old and i got tested last week , came out as 195 ng/dl, which made no sense to me cause i have no symptoms. and im muscular and no issues getting it up. i got tested cause i planned to do a test cyp cycle lol. anyways i got tested again just yesterday to make sure the results were accurate.

When you get sick, a number of hormone systems can get out of balance. Testing at this point is of limited value as your body is recovering.

Your E2 level is quite good, for someone who has higher T levels. But for you that is making you estrogen dominant.

The pain above your testes… did you have that before mono?

You need to look at diet and supplements that support general health.

Your T level is low, you probably have to monitor that and will have to struggle with the docs.

You might have been taking meds to deal with the mono that have contributed to this.

How were you doing and feeling before the mono?

why is Estradiol of 86 good? Is that 86 pg/mL?

endurance - your reading was for total estrogen, right? Not just Estradiol. There is a huge difference. Total Estrogen is pretty useless.

i did have the pain before the mono, always the same spot, above my left teste (but not the “ball” itself). it a come and go sort of pain. im gonna stat supplementing with more q10 and vit D, but besides this i am on a good multi and fish oil. there are no meds for mono, just got to wait. so you recon i need another test in a few weeks, should i do it morning time?

ho yea…before the mono i have been good never any issues but the pain. now after i just get tired but that is par of mono and can take month to get rid of it. but as i said i dont have any of the symptoms of low test, but the tiredness which is part of mono.

Could be a minor hernia type issue.

I would not test while you are recovering. You are not going to treat a transient hormone problem.

[86pmol/l = 23-24 pg/ml]

hey sorry for the late reply, but been unable to check the computer.

any way i realise that the test is low but is it low enough for me to look into TRT or not?

thanks, kapulsky

sorry for taking a long time to reply.

any way i realise that my test is low but is it low enough to worry me and is it low enough to seek TRT?

When a person has gone through a trama he body produces reverse t3 which is suvival mechanism to protest body from eating itself up. Depending on a persons genetics (irish, angelosaxon, american indian) can determine if the body is able to recover and disengage this process. Only time will tell and proper testing of thyroid and adrenal would be needed both at this time and also when the mono or trama to the body or mind has past for a for a while. One needs to be very cautious with this because this can start the chain reaction of when your HPTA can start to malfunction. As this could be identified as the trigger that alot of dr’s should be looking for as the source of the problem which should be monitored and potential addressed now to prevent further insult. TRT is not the solution in many instances as every dr’s think, but can only add more to a life time on un neccessary meds and visit to incompetent dr’s. Many time people end up in our office so mixed up from past protocols that it can take 6 months to a year to even get them back to complete balance.