Low Test Following Cycle?

Quick background… I’m 46. Was all-natural body-builder throughout my 30s. Tore my shoulder, broke my leg, had horrible divorce, got depressed, drank a truckload of beer, then finally got my head on straight about a year ago.

Since then I’ve been running/lifting, lost 40lb, gained a bunch of muscle and figured… just for fun (and help gain some of the 30lb of muscle that I’ve lost since my late 30s)… I’d maybe try a cycle of test.

A friend hooked me up with 25mg Dbol pills and 3 vials of test C. I’ve so far taken 5 days worth of Dbol & done two 250mg shots, but have since learned about the possibility of my own test production being permanently affected forever after the cycle, even with proper PCT.

So now I’m kind-of freaked out! Can I just stop, cold-turkey? I don’t have any Nolva or HCG. I wasn’t trying to cause myself irreparable damage. PLEASE HELP!!

You need Nolva anyway, so go get some. Stopping cold turkey would be worse than running a proper pct, and it’s not even a debate.

Youre 46, odds are your natural test production was very low anyways. Why did you start a cycle without any PCT on hand?Sounds to me like you just jumped in without doing much research. And without a PCT you cant just stop or yes you can suffer some consequences. Its not even just issues with Test production, you could make yourself impotent needing drugs to get a hard on… These substances are no joke and have side effects that you need to be prepared for.

Why didnt you got see a Dr and get on TRT? They could make sure you dont mess yourself up. Now its too late your test levels will be too high for them to prescribe you TRT. Get some Nolva asap

One more thing. STOP TAKING THE DBOL IMMEDIATELY!!! That drug has major side effects and you have nothing to combat it. What are you going to do if you start growing tits?

Well his social life will change dramatically.

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