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Low Test E / High Tren E, Opinions?


Hello again,

Stats: 176 lbs
4 Cycles under belt
6 years of training

My next cycle will consist of a low Test E dose and high Tren E dose. Reason why? Because I’d like to see the sides with this set up. Please check my use of hCG and PCT protocol. Any suggestions are welcome.

Week 1-12
Test E 250 EW
Tren E 400 EW
adex 0.5mg EOD

Week 10-12
hCG 1000 iu EW
adex 0.5mg EOD

Week 14-20
Clomid 50/50/25/25/25/25
adex 0.5mg EOD

I’ve read several forums stating that hCG is more than enough just to run it the last week of your steroid cycle going into PCT.
What are your thoughts on this?


5'7" 174lbs 24 Year Old 6-7 Years of Training



Looks good. I have ran lower test than tren with good results. I also know people that run Tren with just HCG! You can go very low test and with hcg, no need for the old talk of a 2:1 ratio of Test to Tren etc… As long as you have some aromatisation.

Hcg up until few days before pct.

Adex through cycle, gap between cycle and pct and then taper down through pct.


Run HCG from week 1 until a few days before starting PCT @ 250iu 3xWeek (mon/wed/fri or similar)


HAHAHAHAHA you are a trip Andy! Thanks for the feedback.

Question here is should I just use the hCG the last two OR three weeks of the cycle, then wait two weeks to start PCT?

#pex86 says to run it from week 1. Which nowadays is proven to be counterproductive.



I would like to see such proof. I run it year round as do many guys on TRT and it works.


You should run it during the cycle, not after. It is used to prevent the testes shutting down from lack of LH during the cycle and therefore leads to easier recovery and less damage to testes.

Andy will say the same thing i assume that he misread your plan with regards to HCG, probably because he was so excited to finally see a decent cycle proposal!


I run it year round through blasts and cruises at 250iu 3x Per week…

If I cycled I would use it through all of cycle up until PCT.


counterproductive you say? How so?


I would like to see the proof too.

But since I need a laugh, I’d rather just have the origin and rationale.

No, wait, don’t tell me…

Was it Rich Piana?


Alright, the OP made a post with a link which got it deleted but I managed to click on it before that happened.

First, the OP is an idiot.

Second, this was posted by a staff writer on that site with the intention of pimping one of their products to idiots:

(*Name of the product has been deleted.)

Yes, this is exactly what he means, and he is right. I would not use HCG, neither on cycle, nor off cycle, since its benefits are definitely not worth all the risks. It can cause such side effects as gyno and suppression, and it will barely do anything for your natural testosterone production. In fact, it only mimics the functions of LH and FSH, but it will not actually make them work. As a result, you will get an increased level of testosterone only while you take HCG, which will drop back down as soon as you stop using it. Therefore, it would make sense to use something that will cause less side effects and actually do something for your natural testosterone production. For instance, you can use *____________ - it will keep the plums big and functioning during the cycle, and it will be a great help for natural testosterone production during PCT, since it will make LH and FSH actually work. As a result, your body will keep producing testosterone even after you stop taking it. However, unlike HCG, it will not cause any side effects at all, and it is more convenient, since it is taken orally. Besides, the libido boost from *______________ is a sight to see.

Also, make sure to be using cabergoline on cycle, since trenbolone will increase prolactin levels, and you want to keep those under control.[/quote]

This is what’s in the product:

Fadogia Agrestis, Fenugreek, Stinging Nettle Greek, Bulgarian Tribulus, Horney Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Basella Alba, Ginseng, Indole-3-Carbinol

When you guys stop laughing…

See how many retarded shills there are giving really dangerous advice to people on other boards? The only thing that would be even of remote benefit during his cycle would be Mucuna Pruriens for prolactin control and that fucktard didn’t even know this.


No need for insults mate. I stated something that was quote on quote proven by a bunch of other internet idiots. So control your little internet thug rage…


I find it absolutely hilarious that you interpreted what I wrote as “internet thug rage”. It shows quite a lot about you and the way you think so I think my description of you is quite accurate. I would also expect someone who has done 6 cycles to have a little more knowledge than you have displayed here.

But you wrote this:[quote=“mackadonian, post:4, topic:219658”]
pex86 says to run it from week 1. Which nowadays is proven to be counterproductive.
You regurgitated a baseless statement as if it was fact and now you’re calling others idiots? If the guy told this to you because he heard the same thing from an idiot, would that make him not an idiot?


It is completely true what you’ve stated here. I’ve never ran hCG through those cycles as they were considered mild cycles. I meant to say “BUT pex86 says to run it from week 1. Which nowadays is proven to be counterproductive?” Anyway thanks for the heads up.


How does that change the statement? Why is it counterproductive?


Because how you saw it yourself on the link I posted. I was replied by “reputable members” stating that using hCG could even be harmful and also “not worth the risk” I really appreciate the tips, but once again no need to call me an idiot.


Sorry, I didn’t see the addition of the question mark. I only noticed the addition of the word “BUT”. I’m an idiot lol.


Some of the things people say without any basis is just ridiculous.

There a guy on youtube who does videos on various steroids, although doesn’t look like he lifts. Despite thit i generally found his videos quite informative. I came across a video by this guy on HCG yesterday, saying how incredible dangerous it was to run at 250iu eod etc and point blank said that TRT doctors and steroid users prescribing this were idiots.

He is backed by some shitty SARMS company so i wonder if it is the same guy that was linked earlier in thread?

I generally google the info i am looking for and try and find a study on ncbi etc that either supports or disproves whatever someone has said. You can find most things on there.


Unfortunately there are dozens if not hundreds of reputable journals out there with lots of good literature that are pay only. Pubmed is only the tip of the iceberg, and unless you have some kind of academic status to access all these other medical studies out there your research is limited.


No lol you’re not an idiot ! I’m not being sarcastic I really meant the appreciation. Thanks once again. So to make it clear I should already start the hCG, let’s say 250iU EOD from now on 'till the last pin? wait two weeks and start my clomid with adex as well. Those forums should not be available to the public as they are very uninformative.


Haha ok. Do HCG until around1 week before starting PCT.