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Low Test Due to Anorexia Athletica

Toremifene does not get much traffic here. The interesting aspect is that it appears to be prostate protective. For typical SERM use, it does not appear to have any advantage [for the business at hand] over Nolvadex [so why bother]. I did test drive SERMs so I would have first hand knowledge and could speak from that perspective.

Clomid made me feel like crap. Tried it twice and made me feel poorly for 2-3 weeks each after 1 or 2 doses.

Nolvadex short term had no negative sides. Set it aside. There can be side effects.

Toremifene has no negative side effects and I used it up.

Toremifene seems to be the SERM most preferred, IMO, for PCT.
It’d be nice if a good SARM could come out.

Might be. Not much data. Hard to change practice and even if better and written about, there is so much crap written about clomid that will not get out of the way. Progress can be rendered obsure.