Low Test Cycles

Hello all,

I know this has been covered and talked about before but just thought I’d get your opinions and experiences on low test high … cycles.

I’ve been reading recently that test combined with tren is the culprit for tren’s hairloss. Apparently Tren converts to a compound called DHN which is not attributed to hairloss. The theory is that Tren occupies the AR so tightly leaving test to convert to DHT causing hairloss. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Also, what are your experiences with other low test cycles? Im talking below 100mg/wk of test.

Im currently on 60mg/wk Test Prop with 120mg/wk Mast Prop and I’m not sure why but my hair seems to be thicker. Anyone have experience with low test and high mast cycles?


Tren doesnt appear to have any affinity to the 5a reductase enzyme, it’s actions on select tissues appear to be selective in animal models. Trenbolone manages to stimulate development of secondary sexual characteristics without being converted to a 5a reduced metabolite. It appears to be at least 2x as strong as DHT with regard to stimulating the development of secondary sexual characteristics. However very little research on humans exist, I wonder if we went digging around if one could find some clinical trials on parabolan (tren hex) when it was used in clinical settings (in a select few countries)… Even then the studies wouldn’t be in English so… Florp.

Nandrolone converts to dihydronandrolone, tren is a derivitave of nandrolone so I can see why one would get confused

Hmmmm I wouldn’t call this low test high mast, I’d call this a prolonged cruise (however the addition of masteron makes one unable to classify this as testosterone replacement therapy) it’s like… Above maintenance therapy, you could probably stay on these doses full time given your health markers stayed in check and you routinely donated blood/ got phlebotomies.

Does mast do anything for libido? I’ve heard it’s great for the ol peniseroo. Where does 60mg/wk of test get you too, im asking because at that dose I’d be below 300ng/dl.

Why tren tho, it has a notorious rep for being harsh on the body, whether super low doses are as toxic, I don’t know, probably not, but why take the risk unless you had to. (Say to compete and win in a non drug tested sporting event or competition).

Thank you for your reply.

In regards to low test high mast, I did not suggest my current dosage was anything near “cycle levels”. I was just wondering if anyone had done a really low test with high anything cycle and what their results were.

My libido has been OK, its there when its needed. The higher I go on test the more complications I seem to encounter in regards to mood.

Im not sure what my numbers are, I go more by feel.