Low Test at 26 Y/O

26 year old male
201 lbs
30% bf
36" waist
i would say im an endomorph bodytype

I just had some blood work done a few weeks ago and was told i have low test and would have to start TRT soon. Before i start they just took one more sample of blood to test for hormones and my pituatory gland, not sure what that means. i havent had my actual results back yet but i have been told i have low T and have to do TRT.

But after those results come back im suppose to start treatment. The nurse told me my options were gel, patch or injections. i would prefer injections. ive been lifting off and on for 4 years but havent lifting in the past 4 months and have lost alot of gains i had. i tried to go back but i cant lift without getting to tired and i just dont have the energy to push. I eat a clean diet and i cant lose weight for anything. I used to could lose a pound a week but now i cant even lose that in a month. Ive tried messing with my macros and my routine. ive tried doing more cardio. I find myself having problems in my sex life too. It feels like a chore sometimes and my erections arent strong as they used to be.

i guess my questions are:
What should i tell and ask my doctor before starting treatments?
What is the typical doses for starting TRT?
What will i feel when starting treatments?
When will i start to feel more energy again?
How should i approach lifting again?
Will it help me lose weight?
Will it help me gain strength back?

Im not looking to be a Mr Olympia but i would like to put muscle back on like i use too. Im new to this and i hate that i have this problem at 26. Any info will help thanks alot!

Im 26 and have been on HRT for about 7 months now. My levels were around 400. Not extremely low but I didn’t like the way I felt at that level. I noticed my self tired more often and not able to lean down like I used to. Im taking 250mg of Test-Cyp and two shot of HCG weekly (250 IU). I would recommend taking this if you plan to have kids later on (and it keeps you from losing your nuts!)

Thery might want to start you off at 200mg per week which is good. I do more since my Doc is very easy to work with. But make sure you are injecting at least once a week, shoot for twice a week so that your levels are more stable. Anything less frequent is no good and anyone would tell you this. Some Docs are not too informed on this whole HRT so you might have to change a few things up on your own.

You will feel more energy and will get deeper sleep. This you can feel in about 2 weeks maybe even sooner.

I would say definitely start hitting the gym again since your levels will be back up. It’s true you’re not gona look like a body builder but you will look better, gain strength and put on muscle easier then you are now. Its not a miracle drug at this dose but if you work out hard and eat right you’ll see gains. The problem with having low-T is that you can work out hard and eat right and you’ll barely see any results if at all.

Oh and don’t forget to take an AI. I take 1mg of anastrozole. Everyone is different but this is the dose I need to keep my Estrogen levels (E2) in check. For me 25-30 is good. I can tell when this number is right cuz I’m able to get nice hard erections pretty easy.

Any questions just let me know!

Thanks man. I’m hoping I can work up to that. My doc gave me 200mg for every 2 weeks but since I’m injecting myself I do 100 mg a week. Should I split that up too and do 50mg twice a week? I go back for a blood test in a couple months and hoping to get a higher dose cuz I feel great the first few days then I kinda crash at the end of the week.

Also how do I get my doc to give me HCG and AI? What are symptoms that I need to be on it? I’ve read the stickies but I’m scared to ask my doc for all that and scare her off. She didn’t ask no questions when I said I wanted to do self injections. So I feel like she’s easy to work with I just don’t want to be to pushy.