Low Test at 21

Hey Guys…definitely a newbie here but I have been reading alot on this subject for the last few days and really been losing sleep over this. I know theres alot of guys out there with low t levels that are baseline low and are having trouble getting help…

Basically I noticed a drop off in libido a while back and went to a urologist and he had my T levels checked and it came back at 398…I was a bit shocked at how low it was for a 21 year old male…went back six months later and didn tthink too muhc of it and recently I just tested at 314!..Free testosterone is at 78. My LH and FSH came back low too with FSH being really low at .7 and LH at 3.3…Urologist said that I am “in the normal range” so nothign should be done.

My diet is great, low bodyfat percentage, 6ft 4 205 lbs. I eat tons of veggies, fresh organic fruits, lean proteins and make sur eto get plenty of fats (healthy monos especially). Train hard and plenty of balanced cardio and heavy lifting, with adequate rest, get 8 hours of slepe a night so im almost positive its nothign enviornmental. I also dont drink.

My concern here is that its either a pituitary malfunction or maybe something I took when I was younger…I have been taking supplements for as long as I can remember…since 16. Started with protein powders, and Meal Replacements. Creatine, fat burners etc. NEVER TOOK ROIDS…but did take tribulus for a couple weeks and several bottles of LEAN system 7 throughout the 2 years. Do any of these things sound like they could have damanged my endocrine system? I know 7-keto is a metabolite of DHEA but it said it doesnt raise levels of any sex hormones…and I know tribulus was supposed to work within natural means.
Sorry for the long post i am just scared to death that I might have ruined my system, or be relgated to HRT at 21. T levels should not be that low…and I dont think a small deficiency in calories or a bit of overtrainign could result in being 300 points under.


Keep liftin

None of those supps you listed would have any long term negative affects.

There are plenty of younger guys with low test out there.

Yea, your test levels are terrible for a 21 year old guy.

I would suggest a Alpha Male / ZMA / REZ-V stack. get retested. If you don’t score above 500, your gonna have to go HRT.

Your gonna have to find a good endocrinologist who will help you. Ditch this loser doctor your seeing. You might also have to fiddle and cheat with your test results. Check out “Your Doctor your dealer” here



thanks for the response…Is there anything that could be causing this? I have alright libido, nothing too bad, but the problem is I am not really experiencing horrible symptoms, I have decent energy, and focus, no joint pain and decent muscle…

I guess maybe what Im wondering is, how can it be so damn low and im still functioning…and if i get it raised…will I suddenly realize what I have been missing?

[quote]TheHAwgGeneral wrote:
I guess maybe what Im wondering is, how can it be so damn low and im still functioning…and if i get it raised…will I suddenly realize what I have been missing?[/quote]

A high 300 level will still allow one to function somewhat “normally”, thats why its still within the parameters of “Normal”. For a 21 year old, thats bad. For a 60 year old, I would say its alright.

Yea, I would bet that if you get a high 500 to 600 level you would notice quite a difference.