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Low Test and Muscle Gain?


Is it possible to make serious strength/mass gains (over a long period of time of course, years not months) having low test levels? I've been reading a lot on this site and know you should go natural, but what's the point if you won't be able to gain in first place because of low testh levels


female natural bodybuilders seem to do alright at putting on muscle without supplementing their hormones. not as big as natural guys, it is true... but much bigger than natural guys who don't train properly!!

of course you can gain. just might be a bit slower / the results might be a bit less dramatic.


I only last week tested TT at 376 which I consider low for my age (39). I still don't have much trouble gaining strength or size. You can see veins poppin out of my arms and shoulders, especially on the 60 lb curls. Many of the younger guys at gym think either I am on or have done roids, which I haven't. I attribute at least some of it to muscle memory.

I worked out like a madman from age 13 to 18 and was quite ripped back then. Am guessing that despite my low T that I must have a good number for Free T. I hope to find out soon as I look into this further.


instead of making excuses for a problem you may or may not have, just get to work and make yourself better...its not going to happen if you go in with a defeatist attitude...get your mind right and get after it.


You're absolutely right!!! Time to just do it already. Good advice