Low Test and Hypothyroid 31 y.o

Hi All,
Thanks so much for taking a minute to read this and offer up any advice you have.

I’m 31, 5’10" and currently 260 pounds. 3.5 years ago I was down to 190 pounds, but have always struggled with my weight. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid 10 years ago, and up until this year I was on levothyroxine/t4. Before hypothyroid I lifted regularly and competed. After hypothyroid I had recovery issues up until this year with TRT.

In March I sought out a doctor to prescribe natural desiccated thyroid, hoping it would help with my continued low thyroid symptoms. She is a naturopath in Tempe, AZ and I think she is better than most GPs but I’m still not sure I trust her. She is really against test injections, but is willing to prescribe expensive compounded creams (which didn’t seem to affect me as well as my black market injections have).

Dr. also put me on adrenal cortex/whole adrenal supplement based on a low morning cortisol blood test. When I was feeling worse I insisted on a saliva cortisol test which showed low 8am, high noon, 4pm, and 12am cortisol results. She took me off the adrenal supplement, which did help a lot, and gave me Phosphatidylserene (PS) for the afternoons and evenings to lower cortisol. This seemed to help with anxiousness later in the day.

Below are my blood test results and medicines/supplements up to that point.

After the last blood test results Dr. took me off adrenal cortex, DHEA, and testosterone, and added 5mg compounded slow release T3, milk thistle, natural estrogen blocker and Phosphatidylserene referenced above.

The anxiousness and wired feeling went away, but I was tired and depressed. After 3 weeks of feeling horrible I thought what the hell and took a shot of testosterone. The next day I felt great. For the last 3 weeks I’ve self administered 250mg of testosterone and I’m feeling a whole lot better. I’m still slow to get going in the morning, but by noon or so I’m feeling great. I’m also recovering well from my workouts.

I would love your input on how to proceed. Also if you have any Dr recommendations in the Phoenix area I would love them. I don’t think my current Dr. has much experience with male hormones. I would like to get optimized.