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Low Temperature, Low T


Got some blood work done, sturggling with no sex drive, ED, and no strength being gained in the gym despite gaining weight. I'm 19 years old and symptoms started a year or so when I was doing a horrible crash-diet.

TT: 222 (250-1100)
FT: 52.8 (35-155)
LH: 2.0 (1.5-9.3)
Prolactin: 4.5 (2.0-18.0)
TSH: .72 (.5-4.3)

temp taken at 11AM: 97.5F I just bought the thermometer so I'll take my waking temp tomorrow morning

I ordered an iodide supplement, anything else I can do right now?

I've read the stickies on thyroid and tests to take twice. My medical coverage is given to me by my university and my doctor referred me to a urologist


Read the thyroid sticky. You’ll have to take your temperature twice a day for several days in a row to find your baseline because it can change quite a lot. I found it helpful to compare my temperature with my partners so I feel confident that the reading is correct.


Thank you, I’ve read the sticky twice but some of it seems to be going over my head. I’ll read it through again thoroughly.


36.4C is a pretty decent temperature and TSH <1 is ideal. It’s just that one temperature and one blood test aren’t very conclusive.


please get temperature when you first wake up and also mid afternoon, 97.5 is low for 11AM, you were not talking, exercising or eating for a while beforehand?

What can you tell us about your LONG TERM use if iodine and/or vitamins that list iodine?

Have you also read the advice for new guys sticky? - lots of basics that you need to undestand

  • extreme diets are a risk, see references to rT3 here and in thyroid sticky

What is missing from your labs is E2

Need more info about you

May need these labs:
fT4 and perhaps rT3

You do need these labs!
LH/FSH - will determine if problem is with testes or pituitary [primary or secondary hypogonadism]

FT varies a lot so lab values are not so informative in “natural” guys. Your TT=222 is probably a better measure of your status.


I will take morning temperature tomorrow, I’ve never taken a multi containing iodine or any iodine supplement.

I don’t have a tape to measure my waist, I’m guessing I’m somewhere between 16-18% bodyfat

Other parts from new guys sticky:
-Body hair and head hair grow just fine
-my fat goes to my sides, I’ve had an abdonminoplasty so I think that may influence it
-very dramatic weight loss, around 90lb in a little over a year. The diet went way too long and I was starving myself at the end.
-never used any drugs for hair or prostate health
-I’ve been trying to bulk up over the past 5 months and gained 20lb, seems like it was almost all fat though
-lift weights 3-5x a week
-no morning wood ever, libido had faded over time and ED has gotten worse