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Low T3 Levels and Health Issues

I had some bloodwork done recently and have low t3 levels. im freaking out because the hair on my face, chest , armpits and genitals is falling out rapidly, have been trying to eat as healthy as possible and have no idea whats going one. the only supp i abuse is coffee in the morning… PLEASE HELP if you can.

Please read these stickies:

  • thyroid basics
    – check your oral body temperatures and report
    – report your history of use of iodized salt and vitamins that list iodine
    – best situation would be that you have an iodine deficiency and that can be fixed
    – labs: TSH, fT3, fT4
    – T3 and T4 not good enough
    – do you get cold easily?
    – changes to hair and nails? -yes
  • advice for new guys
    – we need a lot more info!!!
    – post your labs with ranges

Also check:
FT or bio-T
CRP - inflammatory marker
homocysteine - CV specific inflammatory marker

Unexplained weight loss or rashes?

What does your diet look like? Any changes in diet or health otherwise?

Stress can mess with your hormones, anything particularly stressful recently?

I have low t3 as well and was diagnosed hypothyroid, but i’m pretty sure I was born with it. I take the lowest dose Armour Thyroid (http://www.armourthyroid.com), which is thyroid hormone replacement. I’ve heard Westhorid is good as well (http://www.westhroid.com). Both are naturally derived and contain amounts of both t3 and t4.

Also, after reading TC’s article on iodine, I started supplementing with some and I think it is having a positive effect. I just started like two weeks ago, so it can be placebo effect, we’ll see.


md, please link to TC’s article, thanks.

[quote]KSman wrote:
md, please link to TC’s article, thanks.[/quote]


im going to get a copy of my bloodwork and post it asap, the endo they sent me to was an idiot , dinosaur old asshole with no up to date knowledge. im thinking this might have happened to me due to abuse of caffiene and stimulants…

i went to a functional medicine doc whos a chiro who told me about a bunch of different shit, and sold me different herbs to help the inflammation…but they seemed to hurt it. the guy is a bodybuilder, and big too, but he has that slicked back "im a giant duochebag " bodybuilder persona about him. and seems to get ticked when i show him im not an idiot on things.

Now note if you are a bodybuilder, i know not all bodybuilders are douches, but this guy is terrible. i paid 125 bucks in herbs from him and he just wants me back for more, im going to have to find a good doc in my area who knows these things, but alot of them wont take my insurance, ill have to pay out of pocket. but this is seriously fucked up, i havent heard of anyone having the kind of problems ive had. i read it in all the medical journals, but doctors i talk to dont seem to care. im starting to dislike medical practitioners.

i hear good things about this drug…“Armor” if i have to be on a med id love to try it. the thing is i have no problem cutting weight. im lost on this crap.