Low T

hey guys i am 21 years old . recently got my blood work done.
Testosterone total - 10.23 nmol/l (8.64 -29)
Estradiol (E2) - 54 pmol/l ( 94.8 - 223 )
prolactin-21.2 ug/l (4.1 - 18.4)
estrogen is low prolactin is slightly high . and i have gyno it is possible to reverse it with tamoxifen??

need help???

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Your LH/FSH levels are probably low from elevated prolactin. Prolactin probably up from a prolactin secreting pituitary adinoma. At this point a MRI is usually done to image the pituitary. This needs to be managed and 0.5mg Dostinex/cabergoline a week is typically very effective. Then T levels might recover. But some adinomas can directly impact LH/FSH.

Typical labs:
LH/FSH - not after starting TRT
AM cortisol - please do at 8AM
fasting cholesterol - can be too low
fasting glucose

Where are you located? - affects your options

will prami reduce prolactin levels? can you suggest me what dosage should i take and for how long?

Cabergoline/Dostinex 0.5mg/week works.
Cannot advise pramipexole.

These drugs can shrink a prolactin secreting adinoma.
There is value in diagnostic work to see what you really have instead of first masking the symptoms.

Ok how many weeks should i stay on caber?

If there is a prolactin secreting adinoma, cabergoline can shrink that. But one may need caber for life to keep that abnormal tissue under control. I can’t say that I have ever read anything suggesting that its a cure and the drug could be stopped. But I really do not know much about how the long term condition proceeds in that situation.

low sex drive ,ED
recent blood work
LH 3.1 UI/L (1.2-8.6 )
PROLACTIN 10.4 ug/L (2.6-13.1)
TEST. TOTAL 11.4 nmol/L (9.0 - 28.3)
FREE TEST. 321 pmol/L (223-915)
BIO AVAILABLE TEST 6.6 nmol/L (4,6-18.8)
SHBG 19.8 nmol/L (13.3-89.5)
OESTRADIOL 101 pmol/L ( 95 - 223)

Don’t ever let your doctors tell you your test levels are normal, there normal for a 90 year old man. Doctors in the UK don’t consider age related test levels, younger you are the higher your test levels should be. Your SHBG is low, you will require injections at least every other day or possible every day do to the fact low SHBG guys excrete most of their test through the kidneys into your urine.

My doctor says you are completely normal. What should i do?

Don’t give up, keep looking for a doctor that will listen. We lose 1% of our testosterone every year after 30 years old, you’ve lost significantly more than that by age 21. Your doctor is clueless and you need to go private, NHS doctors are the problem.

I found a private endo finally. He prescribed me hcg 2000 units 3 times a week for 1-2 months. Hope its gonna help

Any thoughts?