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Low T with High Libido Question

So, a question I haven’t been able to find an answer to, I currently have a total T count in the 230s and I have been wanting to start TRT for about 2 years now as I have pretty much every symptom of low T with the exception of sexual dysfunction. My BIG holdback is that I already have what my wife considers to be too much sex drive. I already spend far too much of my life thinking about sex and failing at getting it and going to sleep and going to work pissed off and depressed. Is there a chance my libido will go unaffected or is starting TRT going to make me hang myself? Every post I have read people said their libidos are low and now they’re all about the poon, and have so much sex now, but that is most likely not going to be my outcome, so I am hoping that as I already have a healthy sex drive, there is a chance this will go uneffected. Any thoughts or experience on the matter would be appreciated!

Get your estrogen checked - it has a lot to do with libido.

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Yes, in your case, libido could get higher than you are comfortable with.

There is a lot if info accessible via links in the 2nd post of the 1st topic in this forum.

Can you post all of your lab work with ranges?

How long/short is your refractory period?

I will have a fresh set of labs on friday that I can post my results from, I haven’t had them done in about a year. Last I knew I went from 234 in 2014 to 236 in 2015 both with early AM draws. As far as refractory period, its not really something I have truly measured out, I can have morning sex and things seem like they could work around lunch, I guess?! I could have 3 in a day I suppose. I will look for those links in the interim.

Used to work with a lot of trans people. I know after talking to them about their hormones and HRT that E and T can both make things go either direction when it comes to libido and depression. Hang tight till you get your labs. I know someone might flag me for this but consider some cognitive therapy steps too. Hypersexuality can also be a part of depression too. It’s wise to check everything before just throwing hormones in there.